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Achieving Tamil Eelam

By S. Makenthiran

(February 19, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The success of the Singhalese armed forces in occupying most of the Tamil homeland of Eelam in the last two years, has taught Tamils some lessons. Eelam Tamils have lost the conventional war and their ancestral homeland. Eelam Tamils by themselves cannot prevent the hostile Singhalese armed forces from invading and occupying Tamil Eelam. The LTTE and Tamils have been waging a war to liberate for the last 25 years without success. The Tamils have the expertise to manage an independent Tamil Eelam. However, they do not have the military capability to hold their homeland against a determined Singhalese army. The borders are vast and human resources insufficient to defend our homeland against our perpetual Singhalese enemies.

The revolt of Karuna and Pillayan did weaken the LTTE immensely. The traitorous Tamils like Douglas Devananda and Anandasangary have always been a source of weakness for the Tamil cause. Betrayal by Tamils themselves has been always a problem. The LTTE has been successful in carrying out repeated guerilla attacks in the Eastern Province although th Singhalese army haso ccupied it. Even today (15 February 2009), in Amparai, 12 STF personnel were killed by the Tigers in an ambush. In Vanni, although badly battered, the LTTE is still holding out around Puthkudyiruppu under the command of Prabaharan and has dealt some successful counterattacks. Many Tamil civilians have been killed by the indiscriminate bombing by the Singhalese. As Sri Lankan government has banned all independent journalist from visiting the war front the true situation cannot be ascertained.

There is every possibility of LTTE carrying out guerilla attacks in the North. If over a prolonged period, LTTE carries out successful guerilla warfare, the Singhalese army may crack up. There are reports that Tamil Tigers are spreading out in the jungles out side the areas around Puthukudyirupu held by Tigers. This may be a nightmare for the SL army. Nevertheless, it may be difficult for LTTE to hold the territory. It does not seem militarily possible to establish an enduring Tamil Eelam. We do not have the human resources to withstand a vastly numerically superior enemy. We will always be subjected to attacks and invasions by an enemy using human sea tactics. It is doubtful whether the Singhalese occupying army can be driven out by the Eelam Tamils alone.

Tamil Nadu Tamil have come out in full support of their Eelam Tamil bretheren. Blood is thicker than water. The central government under Congress has been unfortunately supporting the Sri Lankan government even to the extent of antagonizing the 70 million Tamils in India. There is increasing support emerging in India as a whole due to sympathy with the predominantly Hindu Tamils. The Christian Eelam Tamils are fully backing the Eelam struggle, and the Indian Christians sympathise with them. Advani, the BJP leader has given open support to the supporters of Eelam Tamils.

It is to be hoped that in the forthcoming general elections, the BJP will win and Advani will emerge the Prime Minister in India. The election of Barack Obama as the President of USA may bring about some changes in the Tamils’ favour.

As the international community has been indifferent to Tamil aspirations and sufferings our only hope is that Indian Central Government will turn in our favour after the general elections due to change of government. India must realize that the Eelam Tamils will always support Mother India and the Singhalese have always been hostile to their interests. Congress is doing a great disservice to Eelam Tamils and to India’s unity by supporting Sri Lanka’s murderous regime.

Eelam Tamils have to make a paradigm shift in their objectives. Tamils cannot live under Singhalese Buddhist majorityanism. President Rajapakse has placed Vanni Tamils in concentration camps behind barbed wire. Tamil youth are being taken away from the concentration camps and killed. Young Tamil girls are being taken away and raped. Pregnant Tamil women are reported to be forced to abort. Hospitals and refugee camps even in declared safe areas are being bombed. A permanent split of the country is unavoidable.

The solution open to the eelam Tamils is to demand a federation with India and not within Sri Lanka. Eelam can have their own state Chief Minister and legislature and their own police force as in Pondicheri, Goa and Tamil Nadu. Eelam must form part of the Indian Union. This is the only alternative if our people are to be saved from concentration camps, refugee camps and internal displacements. Tamils cannot be living as refugees under trees in jungles in their quest for Eelam.

The Singhalese Buddhist extremists claim all Sri Lanka for themselves and threaten to chase the Tamils to India. By God we will join India and Eelam should become part of the Indian Union. If Andamans and Lakshadipa, which are over thousand kilometers away can be part of Indian Union, why not Tamil Eelam which is only a swimming distance away.

Let Tamils live in peace in the merged Northeast Province and the Singhalese in their other seven provinces. The very presence of a few Indian army personnel in Eelam will be a deterrent to Singhalese aggression. India is a super power and an emerging economic power house. Let us say goodbye to a decadent racist failed Singhalese Sri Lanka and join Mother India. The Tamil Nationalist Alliance as the accredited representatives of Eelam Tamils, should take the lead.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


Unknown said...

Dear S.Makenthiran,
Wake up from your dream and think practically. I know your people, the most racist people I have ever seen. You can't even live with your own people, if it's not the same cast. Ok, Suppose you get this Eelam finally. Will you call all your people who live all over the island to come into Ealam. What a joke mate. Just wake up.

Unknown said...

Do you really think this wet dream of yours will come true,just as the the one you just woke up out of,all sweaty,bloody but with no satisfaction?.

The foolish dreams ,the English speaking,rank keeping,caste chaste,Vellala Jaffna Tamils fed to the poor low caste Tamils,to win elections and public office, have led them ,just as before,to another Waterloo.This time in Mulaitivu.

Tamils amongst Sinhalese are better off than Tamils amongst Tamils.Want proof? Just ask me.

rohana a said...

Dear writer,

First I like to know is whether you live among the Innocent Tamil people who has suffered for over 25 years under the Psychopathic killer Prabhakaran? You are greatly misinformed or purpose still trying to mislead the innocent and the uneducated and has written a story of a dream. Even Hitler dreamt like you and killed many many people to achieve his wild dream. People like you should read the true history of Sri Lanka before you open your mouth otherwise you also become the laughing stock of the world. Please let us all Sri Lankans live in harmony and peacefully.

desha said...

Dear Writer,

You are showing off your rasism. Do you know that more than half the sri lanka Tamil population live in the south with Sinhalese?
Sinhalese treat these Tamils much better than thier own race and they are doing much better than Tamilnadu Tamils. You are writing lies to provoke Tamils.

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