By Jacinta Cruz in California

(March 17,California, Sri Lanka Guardian ) Written by “Sadith” a letter reproduced below is one of the many reactions to the ultra pro-LTTE demonstration held in Toronto yesterday, Monday March 16, 2009. It was reported by the eternal media fraud Tamilnet as attended by 75,000 demonstrators which included a large number of children who are enjoying their one-week March Break holidays.

As one youngster reacted, it was a great picnic for him but he could not recall any place names in Sri Lanka not even the village of his parents. Prabhakaran is a kind of folk hero whom he thought lived a few centuries ago. But he did carry an oversized flag but could not communicate in Tamil.

Had this youngster been in Wanni, the Tigers could have snatched him away and enlisted him as a child soldier. If he was fortunate to have escaped that, for sure he would be one of the hostages herded together by the LTTE and held ransom for a ceasefire which they so desperately want. His parents came as refugees to Canada blaming the Tigers as the cause of their problems.

And the demonstration in Toronto was a desperate effort to get that ceasefire so that the Tigers could be given a chance to re-form and continue their treachery to their people and the state but that would hardly affect the Canadian Tamil Diaspora. May be they even benefit from it because the LTTE has its own underworld network operating in Canada.

But the question to ask these demonstrators is the most pertinent one and will they have the courage to come out with the truth.

How many of these demonstrators asked for refuge in Canada blaming the Tigers for their plight?

If they honestly answer this question, almost all who asked for refuge will point at the Tigers and not at the Government of Sri Lanka. Therein lies the truth of this great scam and the wholesale cheating of the Canadian community and the shady Tiger industry that has been encouraged to grow in Canada from alien smuggling to counterfeit currency, drugs, credit card fraud and illegal raising of funds and many other underworld practices.

How many of these volunteers will have the guts to answer the question about how the Muslims were thrown out of Jaffna with a notice of hardly an hour and all their belongings confiscated? This is a community to which Jaffna was home for centuries.

Finally, if because of Tiger tyranny most of yesterday’s Tamil demonstrators fled Sri Lanka and made their homes in Canada, why do they want to foist the same killers on their kith and kin in Sri Lanka and make a grand show of such a despicable evil on the streets of Toronto?

And why do they want to introduce the children into such a world by making the most brutal terrorist killer in the world today as a folklore hero? Democratic values and human concerns were certainly in conflict with yesterday’s demonstration.

The letter from Sadith explains it all. It reads as follows:

“As a person from Sri Lanka I wish to comment on the recent demonstration in Toronto, Firstly, LTTE is a banned terrorist organization in Canada as well as in US, EU, India and the list goes on, it is surprising to see the action taken by the Canadian law enforcement authorities during this protest, since LTTE is a banned organization, no one can display any material which represent it such as flags pictures of the people who work for the organization, then the question is, if another group of people took to the street tomorrow in support of Al-Quaida with Bin Laden’s pictures, what is this law enforcement authorities going to do? Isn’t this is an abuse of the freedom of expression.

“Secondly, you people live in Canada do you know that LTTE is killing Tamil civilians who are trying to seek Sri Lanka Army’s protection, and explode suicide bombers inside welfare camps, anybody could get a true stories at . Also if the Government of Sri Lanka is killing Tamils, why the heck are we spending millions of dollars for the wellbeing of the people who come form LTTE hell hole?

“It is the LTTE terrorist who did the genocide by killing thousands of Sinhalese and Muslim civilians who lived in north for generations. Furthermore, how come you forget the fact that, about 75% of Tamils lives harmoniously with all the freedom in southern parts of the country with Singhalese and Muslims!”

-Sri Lanka Guardian