Sorry Nadesan, there will be no ceasefire

The only option you have is surrender or take the cyanide!

By Jyoti Easwaran in Kilinochchi

(March 23, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Former Tiger Constable-General of the LTTE and currently its political commissar obviously serving the final hours of the Tigers in Sri Lanka is desperate for a ceasefire. It is virtually life and death for them. He must understand that time has run out for him and the monstrous Tigers.

Any mercy shown will be at great cost to Sri Lanka if not for the entire Tamil community. It appears Nadesan has still not understood that the whole LTTE organization is a band of criminals who have committed some of the vilest forms of crimes known to humanity.

It was never, ever a political organization. Never ever had political meetings, discussions, seminars or even canvassing views and opinions. Gun point was their means of persuasion. Accept or be destroyed was the ultimatum and they lived this deadly philosophy from the day they killed Mayor Alfred Duryappah July 1975. Significantly, they never killed the spirit of a good man and see what is happening to you all today. The Tamils want to be liberated from this horrendous evil.

You have no option Mr Nadesan but to surrender immediately and face the consequences of the horrendous acts you have committed and brought about a terrible slur on the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Once you surrender you will be handed over to the relevant authorities for suitable action. And of course Velupillai Prabhakaran, if indeed he is alive and Pottu Amman will be handed over to the Indian authorities.

What kind of ceasefire do you want? You cannot even respect the No Fire Zone set up by the Government of Sri Lanka to save the Wanni civilians. Instead you snatched youngsters from this zone and forced them into instant cadres against their will. You even built hurried bunkers forcing the poor civilians to labour at gun point.

Nadesan, it is very pathetic to read about your ceasefire request; pathetic indeed. In your final hours you had even plans to slaughter thousands of Wanni people fronting them as human shields as blackmail to save your skins. Have you shown any mercy whatsoever to the people of Wanni whom you devastated in so many ways and to the entire Tamil community?

After every ceasefire, you sacrificed at the altar of Eelam thousands of Tamils in pure revenge. Any concession given to you now with a ceasefire will send you on a vampire terror of blood-sucking throughout the north and east.

You also tried to give an impression to the whole world that it was the Government of Sri Lanka that was committing genocide while it was the LTTE that was systematically destroying the Tamils to set up a mafia state. Perhaps you are now aware that the feelings against the LTTE are that this evil contraption must be totally wiped out from the face of the earth.

As Constable General Mr Nadesan, you headed the terrible torture activities of the LTTE. How many people have you had killed, some of them bitten by vipers and others hit on their heads by hammers? You were a great ally of that killer Castro, the LTTE one not the Cuban revolutionary. May be you graduated yourself by reading about one of the greatest tyrants the world had known, Caligula.

No Mr Nadesan, No! There will be no ceasefire. If you have guts face up to the consequences of your evil actions or go for the cyanide that hangs around your neck waiting to be consumed. It has been there for a very long time and prepare yourself for the glory.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
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Unknown said...

You are absolutely right. Why should we waste our future? Now it’s time for us to stop believing LTTE. They never change their bad habits. Do they?

Unknown said...

You are absolutely right Ranjith. Why should we waste our future? Now it’s time for us to stop believing LTTE. They never change their bad habits. Do they?

Sanje said...

Sinhalese crying for Tamils looks like "fox crying for goat that is getting wet in the rain". It is a joke indeed Sinhala government telling world they want to save Tamil population. It is direct opposite to what they do. Sinhala State Terrorism unleashed on Tamil population. LTTE is the saviour for Tamil population.

Tudor the Canadian said...

Are you crazy to encourage this fine gentlemen of a madman to take cyanide! I think there is a better way to treat this very fine gentlemen Nada. We can try him in the courts within 24hrs after his capture.he can appeal the next day and the highest court will settle it the followind day.Then we should hang him with his hands at the Galle Face Green,cut a few veins so he bleeds very slowly (a Doctor should do this)He also should be able to watch some entertainment so we should show all the Tiger handywork on a screen . Since it is open justice a hook up should be done so all CNN cable outlets and U-Tube can watch the fun second by second.It will be the most watched event in the history of the world.The UN might even give a day off for the entire world. So as NADA will not feel lonely we will be having POL POT VELU right in front of him in the same position.Oh I forgot the courts will be manned by the relatives of the innocent people who were killed by these fine gentlemen rather than the usual judges. We should be fair in our dealings don't you think so. By the time these two meet their maker we would hae done a yeomen service to the world by making sure no one here after will dare consider becoming a terrorist as a noble proffession.Oh! I do have a few more ideas if you are not satisfied with the above in fact I have written them to the Tamil Net but I am sure the editor here will not publish them if I write it here.Have a nice day people spring is here.Smile

Unknown said...

exactly right!