Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By Ed Komarek

“I have become Shiva, destroyer of worlds.” Dr. J. Robert Oppenhiemer

(April 07, Georgia, Sri Lanka Guardian) As the curtain rises, we find that crazy fool Ed Komarek sitting in his rocking chair, bare-chested and adorned in cutoff shorts and straw hat, drawing a long draft on his corncob pipe. He is in the chair with his bare feet propped up on the railing. He muses as to wither he did the right thing telling Gordon Novel and Steven Greer that Ron Pandolfi had violated their confidences?

The last time I remember violating a confidence was when InfoTech sent me an email that he InfoTech was in trouble and that his life, his family and AJ had been threatened and that he was not to communicate with her or the folks at OM. He said that all his electronic communications were controlled including his phone. He said he was electronically boxed in and afraid.

I had to take that threat seriously and made a judgment call to release the email into the public domain. I felt that a good offense was the best defense. It worked and InfoTech was allowed to communicate with just me and as best I can remember the message also was forwarded through to me by OM management. AJ could not break through the communications blockade and as far as I know nobody else.

InfoTech told me he could communicate with me again and that he was not angry at me but wished I had not made public the email. As it turned out it seemed that whoever was communicating with InfoTech got angry and threatening when InfoTech lost his temper and that’s when the threats were made.

I am beginning to think that the threats might have been contrived if Ron was the person behind this communication blockade. Still it is illegal to threaten people’s lives especially civilians and it gravely upset all parties involved. This is no joke. I find it interesting that when I began to ask InfoTech as to exactly what happened that resulted in these threats the total information blockade when up again and I could no longer receive emails from him. Another thing happened that AJ and I could not quite figure out, OM management locked our investigator thread for a number of conflicting reasons that did not seem to add up. Another little item was when Ron demonstrated to me that he access to all my electronic communications recently.

Now this got me wondering that their might be a scandal brewing not just on a few of those other rouge ships but much closer to home at OM. J I remember those posts involving brainwave technologies were buried in a lot of posts from InfoTech and I doubt if somebody like Ron found them on his own. Most likely there was a snitch at OM which I first thought might be Dan, Ron’s fall guy, but then there was that strange situation of the thread being locked and emails asking questions not returned from individuals in management. The plot thickens. I am not accusing anybody here quite yet I am just explaining my musings and I could of course be quite mad. J

Now, it this turns out to be true and I mean if, I don’t see a moral problem in snitching on InfoTech if there were national security concerns involved. What bothers me is that once I released InfoTech’s personal email saying he, his family and AJ were threatened, AJ’s and my investigation was thwarted by OM management locking the OM thread. Clearly it is illegal for any intelligence officer threatened the life of InfoTech, his family and AJ even just to intimidate him let alone violate privacy laws. Another little suspicious item was that who ever had InfoTech in the hole would only let me communicate with him after I publicly began raising hell. This got InfoTech suspicious that somehow I might be involved and made a joke about it.

Yet OM seems to have done nothing. My question to OM management is this true? If so why did you not come to InfoTech’s defense, one of our own, and instead let him hang in the wind right from the beginning. If all this is true, then OM management showed lack of courage in protecting one of their own! Oh, please tell me it’s not true that I am quite mad. That you weren’t sleeping with the devil and you didn’t place poor InfoTech on the altar to make bloody sacrifice, for it is I who may be the next to fall. For those that do not stand together will fall each one by one.

Before I digress too far I will get back to the musings at hand and my own moral considerations and leave OM’s management to theirs. As I sat on my porch and lay on my bed, I worked my way through this moral issue as it relates to InfoTech and my breaking confidence with Ron. Ron had already broken confidence with Gordon. I really don’t owe Gordon anything at this point, because he broke his confidence to me by sharing my email with Ron. In my private email I told Gordon that he was being tricked by Ron.

In working my way through the mental maze I considered bringing up this issue at OM because there are some folks there that are really quite good at the dissection of the finer points of truth. J I also wanted to confess to the world if I had made a mistake or error. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I try to practice what I preach.

Then I got to thinking about the Golden Rule. I had always thought of this interpreted as a kind of moral law of cause and effect but then I began to think of it as a moral measuring stick. That was interesting idea. So I pulled out my golden rule to measure the issue of the breaking of confidences. I thought if I were in the shoes of the other and under the same circumstances, would I want somebody to break a confidence with me. In both of these cases I decided that I would.

In the first case there could have been real danger to both InfoTech and AJ. In this second case with Gordon, I did violate Ron’s confidence to make a point which would in itself have been a mistake. But Ron has now violated not only the law but ethical and moral principles when he entered my yahoo mailbox without my permission. I guess that was what sent me over the edge and why I wrote this breaking of confidences into the script of the past article and outed Ron. This would once again in itself is tricky because if he had told me he had smoked dope, I would not have ratted on him. So it’s not exactly a legal issue either.

So once again I pull out the golden rule and make a moral check. I don’t believe the drug laws are constitutional. I feel that they violate people’s constitutional rights in the search for happiness regardless of what others might think. This is, unless a person gets into say, a car and risks the lives of others, which is another matter all together. I think I am right on this but I would like to hear other people’s points of view because this issue cuts right to the heart of relationships, confidences and trust. I will let the OM surgeons go to work on this one and see what they come up with.

Moving along it would appear that Steve Broadbent has bailed, wanting out of wonderland. He asked Ron and I to take him off any mailing lists and that essentially he wanted out of this madhouse. J I wrote him back and asked him to try to hang on and to read this last post of mine. I told him he was out of his league and that I was doing his work for him.

I noticed on Dan’s OM threat that Dan said something to the effect that one would not want to meet Ron down a back ally and that he had actually met with Ron this way once. Of course I would agree with Dan on this. But Dan I did not meet Ron on the mean streets did I. Dan after that first long conversation on the phone didn’t I invite him (baited him) to come play on our lighted playground or stage? I took on all the technological power and talent of the United States Government with an old laptop, flash drive and free library computers. I bested Ron because like Beowulf I fought this little demon naked, and on the Internet in front of all his fellow rogues without any armor or weapons.

Now this has been an exercise in true soft power, showing what is possible if we can leave our egos, armor and weapons behind, to do battle with honesty and truthfulness. We did all this in a period of less than a month I think. Ron has been at this for years. If he wants to up the stakes again more, why all of us could be up in front of Congress and on Cspan wouldn’t that be a hoot?

On the other hand I could end up dead if I am left to stand alone and my friends desert me, not a very pleasant thought indeed and perhaps I will leave the stage for awhile with drink and popcorn in hand to proceed up into the peanut gallery will all the rest of the spectators for the rest of the show. I have no illusions, one person can only do so much alone and I don’t really want to be a marter.

I said over and over again after the call that I was interrogating Ron and Dan playing on Ron’s arrogance. J Then Ron responded with an email I think and then I gave Ron my phone number and asked him if he wished to give me a call. He very promptly arrived on time at nine. He was considerate of the fact that I only have unlimited minutes on my cell phone after 9pm and during weekends.

That’s when Ron and I had the almost hour long conversation in which we both sized each other up. I was very impressed at how well Ron could evaluate personalities in the UFO field. He did a very good analysis of Bob Collins personality and emotional state that even went a little above my head. This resulted in me doing a superficial analysis of Ron from the “interrogation” that I never published because that was what he was projecting to me and wanted me to see. I could feel something much deeper was going on and gathered up the impressions later. Sort of like reverse speech I guess.

So Dan if you really think about it we pulled Ron up out of his game and into ours right from the beginning by playing on his ego. We had the moral right to do that because he was playing us. But Dan we or more accurately Sophia dictated the playing field, don’t you think? As things moved along I used the information you gave me to bait him even more turning him into one mad rabbit by yet another post.

This resulted in a phone call to you in which he scolded you and then you called me and scolded me. You told me that Ron was not going to talk to me ever again unless I asked no questions and did not change the subject in any further conversations I might have with him. Isn’t that right? I think at this point Ron got angry because he was catching on to the fact that he was the one being played and he wanted to get in control of the situation by dictating that I play by his rules. J Dan I am not really this smart and I feel like there are hidden unseen players at work. I call that Starfleet you call it Sophia. I have also begun to wonder if on Ron’s side that there is even bigger joker in the deck that is not only playing people like Ron, but also governments. This sent me off on yet another mad tangent yesterday.

I began to wonder if we are dealing with a trickster like Ron but on a much larger scale that I will call Big Beast with Ron being Little Beast. In the Bible it says Lucifer has it in for mankind and that he is manipulating mankind because he hates mankind and God for casting him down to earth after the battle in Heaven. I once more found myself considering the possibility that individually and collectively we may be up against a parasitic or predator race that wants to keep mankind from evolving not out of spite but because we are their food supply.

This got me to thinking about how ants herd aphids and milk them for their nectar. The aphid gets protected and moved around to the best plants to feed because the ants want the nectar which they get by stroking the back of the aphid. It’s a mutual survival relationship. Could this be where the Grays fit in? Has nature evolved sophisticated technological proficient predators to feed on less technological proficient prey? Ants and aphids can really eat up an okra plant.

Was it possible that Grays are using advanced information mental and emotional technologies to keep us fenced in so they can feed on us like we feed on cows? Could they be doing this by tricking our leaders? Do they get nourishment from fearful, hateful and angry emotions and have gone beyond feeding on what we bleed naturally, to manage the process by promoting conflicts on a much larger scale that does Ron. Do they come to feed on the foolish who heed their siren's call?

Could tricksters like Ron be tricked by an even larger trickster still running at large? Could there be a greater beast than Ron messing around with our mental and emotional states by manipulating memories and perceptions. This kind of thing has come up a lot in abduction research. There is obviously a lot of testing a tweaking going on with abductees as we can see from people like Jim Sparks. Could the sirens be just fine tuning their controls? Is the hybridization program just more tweaking of the genetics to keep that control as well? Are the best human tricksters in control over this planet being tricked themselves? That ought to keep a few people like Ron awake at night.

This all boils down to who we sleep with doesn’t it? Do we sleep with the light side of Sophia, God or the Universe or do we sleep with the dark side, Kali, the old hag with fangs dripping blood and a necklace of sculls around her neck. She is pictured devouring men’s bodies with blood dripping down her face in the Hindu mythologies. Has Kali become Ron and the national security people’s mistress and worst nightmare? Does she control the ring of power that corrupts all that use it except for that little guy in Lord of the Rings who can put it on or take it off at will.

That little guy, I forget his name, has no need for material power and the ring no longer has a hold on him because Kali has long ago been his mistress as well, but he grew tired of her fine illusions and her poison and spurned her for the light side of Sophia. He knows who has the real power, his inner self. He puts on the ring and does a little jig and gives it back to the hero of the story because he has cleansed himself of error, ego, and there is nothing in the ring that can bind him.

Our hero in the Lord of the Rings goes to him for wisdom where he has retired in his little house in the woods and sings and dances while the rest of the world plays into the light vs. darkness game. Did Ron give his ring of power his keyboard to us or we wrested it from him, so we could also play a tune or two and then give it back to him as well? Something to think about Dan.

Dan don’t you see its coming to a point where you must realize that you must release you illusions about Ron and realize that he is just another person on this planet that bleeds just like the rest of us. He may well in a final act of desperation demand that you not talk to me anymore, if he has not already, and you will have to make a choice. You know I have already made my choice.

I know you will choose the bright side of Sophia too and I hope so will Ron eventually. The price for entering the Kingdom of Heaven is to sacrifice our illusions on the alter of truth! Ron if he is smart will come back to us knowing that we or Sophia own this playing field. I think you or somebody else at OM said something very significant. Somebody quoted Robert Frost who said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” It’s between you; I and Ron to determine together exactly just were the fence lies between us.

The curtain begins is descent on Act 4 and we find Ron screaming at Dan that he has really screwed up this time and that he’s not going to talk to Ed ever again and Dan’s not to give him any more information about him either. As Ron stomps off the stage screaming cursing at the top of his lungs, that he could lose his job for this, we find Dan pacing back and forth confused, befuddled and bewildered. As the curtain is about to hit the stage we see Dan pick up the phone to call Ed then put the phone back down and stare out the window.

Will our brave warriors of the light be able to break Kali’s spell and wrest free their friend Ron who as fallen into dark Kali’s grasp? What of those others fools who have strayed away from the campfire into the darkness so many lifetimes ago? With many turnings of the wheel and out of the mists of time and space has the greatest fool of all returned to atone and make amends, too round up his little band of rogues and friends and bring them back to the electronic campfire’s light?

So now friends we must wait and see who has bested who, and how this tale will end. Will the imposter king confess his transgressions to all the rest? Will Ed be assassinated by Ron? Will Ron be assassinated by Gordon? Will there be congressional hearings? Will this tale be a tragedy or a triumph? Has the true king of fools returned in just the nick of time to take back his rightful throne to save himself and his foolish kingdom? J Has the great Bard himself descended to guide our hands to live a masterpiece? Are we all going mad? Can we walk the tightrope between genius and madness into the best possible of all worlds? It’s all about how the rest of you play your part in this real life drama is it not? It’s all of us together that will determine if this play be tragedy or triumph?

So gather around my merry band of fools and lend me an ear and I the biggest fool of all will tell you his story and his confession. This only if the imposter Ron doth confess that indeed he was bested by the best and tells his story true. He must like Beowulf stand naked before this group to fight his demon child. This fine fool must confess how he bested each his friends and fellow rogues, each to the verge of distraction. We now cede the stage to Ron for the next act it’s up to you my friend. That’s all folks.
-Sri Lanka Guardian