Petrol bombs hits on Sri Lankan embassy Berlin

Petrol Bombs hits on SL Embassy Berlin while Steinmeier demands Protection for civilians in Sri Lanka’s “No Fire Zone”

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From our correspondent Lalith Ganhewa in Germany

(April 24, Berlin, Sri Lanka Guardian) "I urgently appeal to both parties involved in the conflict in Sri Lanka, to insure the protection of civilians and international humanitarian law to be respected", said the German Foreign Minister, Vice-Chancellor and the next chancellor candidate off the Social Democratic Party on Thursday evening in Berlin.

"International aid agencies must have immediate access to all refugees." In particular, the supply of urgently needed medicines is of importance.

Foreign minister Steinmeiers’s view is that a sustainable solution to the conflict could only be achieved only by political measures. This is also the stand point of the Sri Lankan Government. "My country is ready to support such a process with all available strength”, Steinmeier said.

While the German Foreign Minister made this statement on Thursday night, a group of unknown persons attacked the Sri Lankan Embassy with Molotov Cocktails.

The attackers threw 2 petrol-bombs towards the entrance of the Embassy. One Bomb did not explode; luckily the other one caused minor harm.

As this report is being filed, a pro LTTE demonstration is taking place in Berlin City with about 1.500 Sri Lankan Tamils.

A group around 250 demonstrators marched by the Chinese Embassy throwing rotten eggs from the crowd at the Embassy.

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-Sri Lanka Guardian