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Personal political crisis makes Flip-Flop Karunanidhi go bananas

Karunanidhi wants to stir up the people of Tamilnadu by spitting emotional anti-Sri Lankan venom on them. This is film-crazy Tamilnadu politics where while the real needs of the people of this state are complex, real and hardly provided the priority is colour TV given away free and not toilets for the people.

By Priya Ramakrishnan

(April 23, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Having made a horrendous mistake of hailing Prabhakaran as not a terrorist, Tamilnadu’s Chief Minister Karunanidhi is on the flip-flop from a state of political confusion to going bananas. This is no surprise because the politicians of Tamilnadu are anything but politically conscious.

While Sri Lanka is carrying out what will be reckoned as the world’s biggest rescue of affected human beings and every effort made to ensure the best is done to the human shield victims while at the same time facing the barbaric attacks of the LTTE, Karunanidhi wants to stir up the people of Tamilnadu spitting emotional anti-Sri Lankan venom on them.

The rescued civilians are far, far better off than how refugees from Sri Lanka are being kept in Rameshawaram by his government and that too even years after these camps were opened up. Is this because most of the refugees there fled from Prabhakaran’s terror?

Have any of the Tamilnadu politicians visited these camps? When politicians like Thirumavalavan collected their largesse from their Tiger friends in Canada, did they apportion at least a little bit for the Tamil refugees in Rameshwaram?

How many people Flip-Flop Karunanidhi would love to see immolate themselves? Such deadly outbursts come from sick people who have the tendency to savour that moment of instant glory and crack up in such a way it is too late for them when they set fire to themselves. Worse, the people around them also are so sick that they get a thrill out of such sickening and horrific exhibitionism. These are not normal people and they cannot hold a state to ransom.

This is the consequence of how these Tamilnadu politicians rev up the masses with all kinds of falsehoods. They use their oratorical skills far beyond being reasonable and totally ignore ground realities. Just like the immolator seeks an instant glory, the Tamilnadu politicians seek instant results for themselves.

One can be sure Flip-Flop Karunanidhi’s call for a general strike is a damage control effort to gain a head lead on Jayalalitha who would certainly like to make much out of the terrible faux pas of the Flip-Flopper who said Prabhakaran is his friend and not a terrorist. The Central Government should have dismissed his government but then there is a general elections on, and that matters most than chiding a man who lied and insulted Sri Lanka with his stupid statement.

He can call for a strike but it is time Flip-Flop Karunanidhi and the Tamilnadu politicians understand that if they cannot be good friends of a neighbouring country, they should keep out of meddling in the affairs of Sri Lanka. Already almost the entire world has begun to acknowledge that the Government of Sri Lanka has handled this human shield problem very well despite all the pressures brought on it by terror-friendly countries and organizations.

Prabhakaran and his deputy Pottu Amman are wanted in India for the murder of that country’s prime minister and that too on the Indian soil in his state. But Flip-Flop Karunanidhi wants a public strike in his state more or less to recognize these terrorists as worthy of such a demonstration ignoring Sri Lanka’s effort to save the Tamils caught up in the human shield nightmare led by these two terrorists.

-Sri Lanka Guardian

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