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Karunanidhi flays AIADMK for opposing general strike

(April 23, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Slamming AIADMK for its opposition to the strike called by DMK on Sri Lankan Tamils issue, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has said 'lack of unity among political parties would show the state in a poor light in the eyes of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse.'

Karunanidhi said he had given the strike call to express concerns of the Tamil people over the situation in Sri Lanka
and to urge the Centre to press Colombo for a permanent ceasefire.

It was with this intention that I wrote to all parties seeking their support and most of them announced their cooperation, he said in a statement here as the DMK President was rebuffed by AIADMK and its allies which rejected his call.

But, Karunanidhi said, AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa and MDMK leader Vaiko had announced boycotting the strike and criticised him saying the strike call was a farce and drama.

He said I am not bothered. But the Sri Lankan President or the Centre, which see these leaders' statements, will only wonder at the enmity between us even at a time when Tamils are dying in Sri Lanka.

Karunanidhi said till a permanent ceasefire was reached, political parties in the state should at least pretend that
they are united on this issue and not display their fratricidal war.

Slamming Jayalalithaa and her allies for saying that they would go ahead with their electioneering as scheduled, Karunanidhi said the Tamil community would hold these anti-Tamils also responsible for the death of Sri Lankan Tamils, besides "Rajapakse, as a few seats are more important for them than the Tamils.

He said his aim behind the strike call was to display unity and express in one voice the concerns for Tamils, which would "even send down shivers in the Sri Lankan rulers.The 50 year-old peaceful struggle for the Ealam Tamils in the state would continue, Karunanidhi said.

He also criticised Rajapakse for turning down the global appeals for ceasefire, including from the UN, US and UK. Describing the Sri Lankan army's final assault as unprecedented, he alleged Tamils were at the risk of being annihilated.

He said the AIADMK and its allies were not participating in the strike since the call was made by the DMK to which they were opposed.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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