Prabhakaran must be held answerable in Sri Lanka

If there is a conspiracy being hatched in some quarters to give safe passage to freedom for Prabhakaran, this must be nipped in the bud. No country should be allowed to interfere in respect of a person who has committed hideous and ghastly crimes in Sri Lanka, has a long prison sentence to be served and also wanted by India for the murder of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

By Mohan Gunaratnam and Roshanti Arasakularatne

(April 16, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Whether he likes it or not, Velupillai Prabhakaran for the horrendous crimes he committed against the people of Sri Lanka, has to answer them in the country or be extradited to India.

He has also a long prison sentence on his head. Under no circumstances should he be helped to go into exile. Tomorrow another terrorist will take up arms and cause havoc in the country knowing well that some agency or country will appear on the horizon and plead that he be allowed to go into exile.

It appears the US through the US Ambassador Robert Blake, or Robert Blake using his official position wants to help Prabhakaran from facing trial in Sri Lanka for the ruthless campaign he has led for over three decades in the country. Ambassador Blake’s links with strong LTTE supporters are widely known and now that Norway has been censured, Mr Blake seems the only person who could help Prabhakaran. He should not even think of it.

If Prabhakaran is deserving of being helped to go into exile, the US should not have hurried the execution of Saddam Hussein and also pursue Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists at great costs in lives and costs to the US. What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose too. Sri Lanka will not tolerate the double standards that are typical of the US. Prabhakaran is a terrorist and isn’t the US committed to fight terrorism globally?

What does Ambassador Blake wants to do? The Reagan administration cheated the people of the Philippines by enabling Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos and their corrupt cronies to flee the country. The US even allowed them to carry away the incredible loot they had robbed from the people of the Philippines. Sri Lanka wants none of that, certainly not.

It has become quite clear to the world that the Tigers are the ones who are determined to hold onto civilians as human hostages. During the 48-hour firing pause, hardly any of the civilians were able to escape as Ambassador Blake and a few others expected. There was nothing to be surprised about it because unmolested by the fire of the armed forces, the Tigers were able to keep watch on the civilians to prevent them from escaping.

But when the pause came to a halt, the civilians had their chances to escape. The pause was not necessary. It was certainly a bad move. Those who advocate ceasefire with the LTTE haven't learnt their lessons or do not want to learn.

The destruction of the LTTE must be total and the Government of Sri Lanka owes this to the people. It is also humbly suggested that people like Ambassador Blake should keep themselves out of such matters. In conclusion, may we ask whose interests Ambassador Blake is trying to serve? We were taken for a ride by Norway for a long time and the price paid was massive. Is Blake trying to fill the gap caused by Erik Solheim?

Sri Lanka Government must state categorically that Prabhakaran will not be available if he is taken alive?
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Dr. Ren said...

I agree with this article fully as will all Sri lankans who want peace and harmony amongst all in Sri Lanka. Outside forces first Norway and now the USA do not have Sri Lankas well being at heart. They play duplicitous games helping the cruel LTTE terrorists only for their own gain. USA, Norway, EU and UKs double standards on terrorism over the past 25 years have been shocking and disgusting. They have no shame while our people have been murdered and maimed by the lTTE in horrenduos circumstances. Prabhakharan must face justice in Sri Lanka as must Nadesan, Pottu Amaan and Soosai for crimes against humanity, terrorism and as traitors to Sri Lanka. Solheim caused terrible damage to uor country and people under his guise of being peacemaker he encouraged,helped and supported the terrorists. Blake now is behaving in a duplicitous manner and trying to help the terrorists escape. This is outrages and must be stopped. As you say Bin Laden wuold be treated differently by the USA with no concerns for civilians and US Forces as the war in Afghanistan/Pakistans NW fronteir has proven. Saddam was executed when his crimes are nowhere as evil and numerous as Prabhakharans. What has Blake got to gain ? I hope President rajapakse, Defense Minister Gotabhaya Rajapakse and Major General Sarath Fonseka do not listen to the US Ambassodor Blake who has obvious ulterior motives ( definitely not our country's welfare at heart ). They should have no more ceasefire or peace talks with LTTE ( history proves this) and go in to the remaining area and finish this war and recue the civilians as soon as possible. The LTTE are planning their escape at innocent Tamil civilians risk as we speak. They are only interested in self preservation and power and our capable of massacaring the Tamil Civilians at the last minute blaming the government for this as they make their escape. NO WAY NORWAY NO WAY BLAKE. Please listen to us Sri lankans President Rajapakse we are behind you are eradicating the LTTE with no further delay from all around the world. Thank you for reading this.

manuri said...

It appears that 'desinger drugs and alchol'had drugged this ambassorder from USA .A counrty which is always famous for drugs and prostitution.

It looks like this man is all out there to get his good pal out of danger.To hell with the civilians
What does he care after all for these mere mortals.

Let the victim industry grow so the business will flourish for another 30 years for all the NGOs goons to come and work.No unemployment issues after all for the white men and women who are teaching us human rights but do not practice it in their backyard.They creat all the problems in the world and appoint people like Blake to solve it.but in reality they do not want.How many idoit among us are aware of this fact?

(one of my co-workers from Bangladesh just lost her job today trying to answer a racial remark(her accent was asian which became an issue) made by a white woman over the phone in Toronto, Canada where human right chater is their daily bible)I wrote this just becuase I am raging in anger and want the readers to know that all what we see as gold in the west is not gold it is just fake or plated)

To hell with USA,or Blake,to hell with hell with Norway or any counrty who is trying to teach us racial harmony

The sooner the army get on with this and finish this the better.

Mohan,you are right this killer should not be made available alive