Top Indian military expert rejects Tigers' chemical attack claims

By: Nlantha Ilangamuwa

(April 09, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Top Indian military analyst Col R Hariharan has scoffed at the LTTE's claims that Sri Lankan troops had used chemical weapons in the ongoing conflict.

The former head of intelligence to IPKF in Sri Lanka also described the latest LTTE allegations against the military as false propaganda.

His remarks came as the LTTE, facing a major and historic debacle, accused the government of using chemical weapons against their cadres who were killed in action.

In an interview with Sri Lanka Guardian, he added: “According to the photographs, which has been published by media, the injuries do not necessarily prove that chemical weapons were used

"I don't think the army has any compulsion to use such controversial ammunition when they are in the final stages of war. Actually, the LTTE needs such stories to fuel its propaganda.”

A statement released by the army, meanwhile, said: “Pro-LTTE mouthpieces worldwide, unable to digest the humiliating defeat in the hands of Sri Lankan security forces, have been once again trying to tarnish the Sri Lanka Army image saying that it has ‘extensively used chemical weapons’ against Tigers in Puthukudirippu, the last bastion of Tiger terrorists.”

The statement added: “The Sri Lanka Army categorically denies the LTTE’s baseless allegations outright and strongly affirms that the Army, as a professional military unit has no need whatsoever to use such weapons when they were so close to the last leg of the war and the No Fire Zone. Had that been used as alleged, neither Army troops in Puthukudirippu, nor trapped civilians in the No Fire Zone would have escaped unhurt, needless to note.”
-Sri Lanka Guardian
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