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Forces of deception and destruction will begin operations now

By Mohan Gunaratnam and Jacinta Cruz in consultation with Satchi Sithananthan

(May 17, Colombo-Jaffna, Frankfurt, Sri Lnak Guardian) There has been shameless collusion and traitorous conduct by many so-called volunteers both Diaspora Sri Lankans, even the local as well as a considerable numbers of others from the west who were engaged in helping the Tigers with their expertise on many fronts from communications to construction and even training the Tiger cadres in various aspects of warfare. The Tigers have used excellent technology on all these fronts. How did they come by them?

Experts also came from Scandinavia mostly from Norway principally as monitors under a scheme conspired by Ranil Wickremasinghe and Eric Solheim to enable them to have a free movement in the Wanni and even outside especially in Colombo and some of them were retired military people; one even owned an arms manufactory. Norwegian experts were training Tiger cadres in an island in between the Andamans and Thailand on submersible craft for undersea operations where they even developed two-man submarines.

In all these the Diaspora was involved firstly extensively from Norway and then from Canada where vast funds were amassed beginning by milking the provincial and federal governments through such organizations as the Tamil Eelam Society and the World Tamil Movement and a few others and then by sheer extortion. The methods used and the amounts collected defies imagination. The Tamil Eelam Society raised funds to the tune of millions annually and it was entirely controlled by the LTTE and the Liberal Government of that time turned a blind eye.

There was extensive brainwashing of children and young people presenting Prabhakaran as a saviour against Sinhala racism and virtually a deity from the heavens. Cultural shows were hijacked by the Tigers and the elements that controlled the community were underworld aggressive adventurers and the entire community was silenced. Just like the way elders during the 1970s remained silent when their teenaged children were encouraged to join the LTTE, even here in Canada, the elders remained silent.

Some elders knew that their children were involved in fraudulent activities and yet turned blind, deaf and extremely foolish. Some even encouraged them by saying that what their children were doing were for “Tamil” – Thamilukku servai!

The one group of people who were mainly responsible for preaching the gospel of hatred against the Sinhalese from the 1980s came from the Sri lankan medical community in California nearly all of them had their medical training free in Sri Lanka. They also financed the infamous Tamilnet website the daily constructor of false news and infromation. And for the Tamils, their children becoming doctors is their greatest dream because they collect the fattest dowries.

Even the community's classic aspects of music and drama were infused with violence and terror and children were exposed to these. This has led to young people becoming the leaders of the community and their only ideal is anti-Sinhala racism. During the protests the slogans they were shouting hoarse were “Prabhakaran is our leader, We want Tamil Eelam, Let Rajapaksa be dead” and children as young as seven, eight and nine were actively in these demonstrations even carrying the Tiger standards.

There was one guy who defied a person who asked him why they have to indulge in trying to save Prabhakaran. He angrily shouted back at him and said: “Let Prabhakaran die, I don’t care but let 50, 000 Sinhalese be killed.” He was a man in his fifties and on inquiries was known to have come to Canada as a refugee and in his submission before the Refugee Court blamed the Tigers for his plight. In this he was not unique.

Sometimes one even wonders whether the Canadian society helped the breeding of Tiger violence through vast sums of funding given to shady organizations and this may apply to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland and others too. However, it is very clear Tiger violence has become international now and the world is probably yet to see the worst of it.

In the Sri Lanka Guardian, time and again we have warned the government about the so-called volunteers, self-declared workers, INGOs and NGOs and those who come officially from countries like Norway whose sole intention and mission was to help the LTTE surreptiously. We have always been unhappy of Eric Solheim and the likes of him. He is also now known as being in touch with Kumaran Pathmanathan, KP alias Selvarajah Pathmanathan. He is probably taking orders from him.

There are certainly many such people particularly from the Sri Lankan Diaspora in the Wanni and efforts will certainly be made to save them. It is therefore no wonder Pathmanathan is trying to have them declared as aid workers who got marooned in this war.

Those who are trying to save them and whose names may be submitted as aid workers must be carefully examined before any decisions about them are made. However, one formula that could be applied is that whoever Pathmanathan wants to be spared will have had full involvement with the Tigers. Also to be watched are people who are in contact with Pathmanathan. He has vast resources under his control and there are people who could be tempted to be foolish and will betray even their own mothers.

And there ia a Tiger Underworld Network in operation!

The government must begin picking up pieces of the war and set itself on the path of peace and harmony in the country through strong and determined measures. Firstly, it must tell certain countries in the west clearly and strongly that their pressures to compromise with the Tiger evil was unwise, incorrect and even their motives were suspect. Secondly certain persons like Navaneetham Pillai and Brad Adams of the Human Rights Watch must be exposed as working against the people of Sri Lanka and their lawfully elected government and their motives must be fully investigated.

Thirdly, the government must politely but firmly ask why the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the British Foreign Minister David Millibank and his French counterpart whatever his name may be, conducted themselves in a manner that gave immense comfort to the LTTE and also to the protesters in their cities. These people certainly stained our good international relations and gave enough reasons to suspect their motives. They were certainly not in the interests of Sri Lanka.

Finally, as a first move, Eric Solheim must be declared as persona non grata in respect of Sri Lanka and Ranil Wickremasinghe should be subjected to a commission of inquiry and be allowed to prove that he is loyal to Sri Lanka. It will be pretty hard for him. Why is he in Norway when he should be in Sri Lanka to celebrate victory over terrorism and a day that really means genuine independence for Sri Lanka and a day when the prime minister of Great Britain, the country that held us colonial captives for a century and a half is threatening us with consequences if we do not listen to him.

He is of course welcome to do what he wants if unwise enough to test our guts and determination. We showed the world that terrorism could be beaten with the least collateral damage which has been beyond Great Britain and the US. We Sri Lankans have awoken this morning as a proud little nation.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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Unknown said...

Maybe the SL government should take over these LTTE tactics to get their country out of bankruptcy, instead of borrowing again and filling one hole with the other.
Complaining and begging seem to be the only two things the Singalese know how to do well.

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