By Defencewire

(May 17, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Prabhakaran and his clan are nowhere to be found. Clearing operations started in an area 200m x 200m by the Special Forces. If Prabhakaran is hiding in this last uncleared patch or his remains are in the area, they would be found.

Some surrendered LTTE leaders say Prabhakaran had escaped while other said he was still there when they left the area. At the time of writing, Prabha and his coot's whereabouts or fate was still unclear.

There was however a strong suspicion that Prabhakaran, Poddu, Kabil Ammaan, Soosei, Bhanu, Lakshman, Lawrence, Jeyam, Velavan and Rathna Master etc have either escaped by sea or broken free and made a dash towards the Mullaitivu-Weli Oya Jungles.

The LTTE launched a massive attack near Nanthikadal Lagoon today. The area was under the control of the 53 Division. The line was breached and some 15 SLA were killed while 70 Tigers were aso killed in fierce fighting. If Prabha escaped in this attack, it can then be assumed that he is inside the Mullaitivu-Weli Oya Jungles.

The other possibility is the sea route. Reliable sources told the writer that even Soosei's family was 'arrested' in the high seas, having been detected late. If Prabha and clan indeed escaped and took this route, he would have left after this escape attempt took place.

Among the high-profile Tigers confirmed dead was Swarnam, the leader from Trincomalee, a loyal aid of Prabhakaran who was killed in retaliatory artillery fire. Sea Tiger Leader Chelian has surrendered to SLA this morning.

The head of Prabhakaran's Sniper Team, the head of the Black Tigers training program and dead female leader Vithusha's 2IC had also surrendered, bringing the total to around 2000 LTTE cadres surrendered.
-Sri Lanka Guardian