Devananda – undisputed leader of the nation

UPFA to win support from Minister Devananda

By Surenthiran Supiramaniam

(June 25, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) The United Peoples Freedom Alliance is poised to win the forthcoming Municipal Council Elections due to support lended by Minister Douglas Devananda. Minister Douglas Devananda’s popularity was seen on Wedneday, June 24 when thousands of men, women and children flocked around him shouting “Amaicher Devananda Vaalga”(which means in Tamil that they support Minister Devananda). According to sources in Jaffna, there was never such a gathering in Jaffna amounting to thousands of people gathering to greet a Politician. It was reported that Minister Susil Premajayanth, the UPFA Secretary General was also visiting Jaffna at that time to handover the nominations.

There were more than sixty applicants who had applied to Minister Devananda to be listed under the EPDP for nominations under the UPFA to contest the elections including retired Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and other Professionals to Minister Douglas Devananda. The EPDP High Command at its Executive meeting held late last night short listed the candidates and submitted their quota to the UPFA list.

There was also speculation that some Parties having agreed to support the UNP and the UPFA had independently submitted lists as well, to be on the safer side of winning the elections. Although the UNP claims that they would win, today’s reception given to Minister Devananda strongly suggests that the UPFA will win the election due to Minister Devananda’s coalition.

People gathered at the reception shouted that they support Minister Douglas Devananda and they would vote only for the Party that Minister Devananda would direct them to support and accordingly they would support the UPFA. Minister Devananda was garlanded by numerous persons.

Due to the applications for nominations there was rivalry between two lady Teachers working in Minister Devananda’s office in Colombo. A Senior retired Teacher was disappointed that she was not invited to Jaffna for nomination and that she had been left out. Like the old saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”( something that you say which means a woman will make someone suffer if they treat her badly). Accordingly, the Senior Teacher commenced a propaganda campaign and even met the High Command of a rival Tamil political party who was also a Teacher in his younger days. Her campaign continued with the assistance of a hindu priest who had obtained the Justice of the Peace title on the recommendation of Minister Devananda.

Whatever anybody may say, the people in the North have proclaimed that the undisputed Leader of the Tamils is now Douglas Devananda. Informed sources revealed that every household had Minister Devananda’s photo as their Leader and nothing can change that position. Whatever the rival political parties may say, Minister Devananda is the undisputed Leader of the Tamils for the people in the North. Soon after the Municipal Council elections, The Northern Tamils are confident that Minister Devananda will fight for the Tamil rights. The Provincial Council elections will pave way for Minister Douglas Devananda to be the Chief Minister of the Northern Province.

-Sri Lanka Guardian