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Prabhakaran was tortured: UTHR(J)

(June 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamil Tigers leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was tortured by the Sri Lankan military before being killed, a leading human rights body said in a report released Wednesday.

The University Teachers for Human Rights (UTHR) quoted high-level military sources as saying that Prabhakaran was tortured in the presence of "a Tamil government politician and a general".

The torture, it said, took place probably at the headquarters of the army's 53 Division, which battled the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) before crushing it last month.

"Several army sources have said that Prabhakaran's (younger) 12-year-old son Balachandran was killed after capture. Our (sources) said that he was killed in front of his father," said UTHR, which has always been critical of excesses both by the military and the LTTE.

"These sources added that this information is correct unless officers at the highest level are fibbing to one another.

"Our sources in addition to several others have said that all the LTTE persons remaining in the NFZ (No Fire Zone) were massacred," it added in a 48-page report.

Sri Lanka announced May 18 that Prabhakaran, founder leader of the LTTE, was killed in a lonely coastal stretch in the northeastern district of Mullaitivu where the Tigers had massed their forces before going down.

His body was put on display, placed on a stretcher, the back of the head blown off.

Sri Lankan minister Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan alias Karuna, a former confidant of Prabhakaran, had told the Media that the LTTE chief was shot dead with 18 of his guards.

Prabhakaran's death marked the end of the LTTE's dragging conflict that claimed 90,000 lives since 1983.

UTHR said: "Information seeping into the public domain from within the army points to capture or surrender, but the official responses dismissing this are a rehash of stories that public no longer finds credible. It is left to an impartial enquiry to answer this and related questions."

UTHR pointed out that the government was evasive about the fate of Prabhakaran's wife Mathivathani.

It quotes a brigadier as saying: "We had to look for Prabhakaran's body because the world was interested in seeing it. But the body of his wife is not of any importance to us."

The UTHR report said: "That would be the fate of the unknown hundreds of civilians and militants killed in those last days (of fighting)."

According to the report, among the LTTE leaders who surrendered to the army included Baby Subramaniam, a member of the group since 1976 and one of Prabhakaran's oldest associates.

Others reportedly now in government custody included former eastern province political leader Karikalan, former spokesman Yogaratnam Yogi, former head of the LTTE international secretariat Lawrence Thilakar, political advisor V. Balakumar, Jaffna leader Ilamparithi and Trincomalee political leader Elilan.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


Tudor the Canadian said...

Oh it made my day.I was so disappointed that this excuse of a human being got away with just one bullett to his head. I was hoping he would be caught alive brought to Colombo and hung at the Galle Face Green by his feet and made to watch the parade bleeding a drop at a time until he took the last breath of the Sri Lankan sea wind and said good bye to his fellow countymen that he kept scared by his barbaric acts. It would also have allowed all the tiger maniacs living as second class citizens of the white western countries eating parippu and papadans an opportunity to watch this POl POT VELU take his last breath. I hope he was tortured for at least 30 days uts still shorter than the 30 years of hell he created in that beautiful country.As far as these dummies who wrote this footnote go and learn how to make parippu because you may need the ability soon since Iam sure your kith and kin living overseas will make arrangements for you to leave Jaffna.This report is just the start to support the application for immigration as refugees.lol

charlie said...

KP who gave information where about the VP and other leaders of LTTE. Also, direct them to get killed by the Army.

MyPhotoGenie said...

This is a bunch of bullshit. Even if he was tortured and his family killed in front of him, I don't care. He did horrible things and screw these western colonizers. We don't care for their opinion. Every thing they say is a lie and now they're pressuring so they can get access to IDP camps.

What I can't believe is that they bought tamils from Tamil Nadu and settled them in Sri Lanka. We must deport them.

Here is a great story about the IDP camps. It's written by a patrio and reflect truly what's going on

Written by Lt Col (Retd) Anil Amarasekera
Lanka News

Saibabu Devabhaktuni said...

This is a war crime and Srilankan army should be probed (and punished as per findings) for killing civilians on purpose and torturing a prisoner of war. Sri Lanka has lost it's respect in the world and it has to live with this shame for longtime.

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