“ To say that Tamils are being persecuted in Sri Lanka is bunkum"

By Malin Abeyatunge

(July 25, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The comments made by George Master’s daughter Gayathri Jude of her experience about meeting the law enforcement authorities (LEA) and their response is an open book for those LTTE apologists in the Tamil Diaspora who continues to disseminate false propaganda in the western countries against Sri Lankan Government, its armed forces and law enforcement authorities (LEA). She says “to say that Tamils are being persecuted in Sri Lanka is bunkum”.This is her experience as reported in The Island.

Quote”So, I returned to Sri Lanka with a great degree of fear", she noted. "On arrival, I called the CID and asked whether I could visit my father, preferably on Saturday".

"The CID officers were very cordial and cooperative. They asked me not to wait till Saturday but to call over on Friday itself", Gayathri said. "So, I went there with my family and had a chat with my father". She said the OIC, CID, CI Chandana de Silva and his officers were so accommodative that he asked me to visit my father again the following day (Saturday) also. "I never expected such a warm reception from the police in Sri Lanka"Unquote”.

There is no doubt that Gayatri being the daughter of one of LTTE’s top hierarchy George Master would have been a live wire during the last 6 months organizing continuous LTTE rallies against Sri Lankan Government in big cities in Australia. She would have been in the fore front in raising funds for LTTE war chest. It will be difficult to believe any denial by her that she was not involved in LTTE activities in Australia and cannot be accepted as she is telling the truth.

However, let bygones be bygones. The Sinhala Diaspora in Australia will pardon her for her past involvements and would like to treat her as a rehabilitated LTTE apologist.

Now that you have experienced the ground realities and how she was treated and how her father is being treated respectfully by the LEA, she can reciprocate her gratitude in a very small way. That is by telling the LTTE apologists and the Australian public the TRUTH. Once she comes back to Australia, she can use her good offices to convince the Tamil Diaspora whom she and her family would have been closely associated with, with the reality and truth.

The Tamil Diaspora has still not given up their lust for Eelam and trying every other method to destabilize Sri Lanka with the help of the recently defeated white supremacy of the western block at the Human Rights Council and continue to raise funds for non-existent transnational Tamil State in Exile. Gayathri must be well aware that during the recent LTTE rallies held through out the big cities in the world including Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra that the senior LTTE apologists have been using infants, kids and youth in their rallies in thousands some of whom wouldn’t have ever been to Sri Lanka. These LTTE peers have been planting the seeds of hatred in the minds of the youth and their siblings. She should sincerely embark on a mission to stop this cancer spreading among the Tamil youths among the Tamil Diaspora. She also should address the print and electronic media in Australia and tell them what you have experienced in Sri Lanka when visited to see his father George Master.

Dear Gayathri, please (a) write to Australian papers how good that you were treated with respect despite being a daughter of a top LTTE hierarchy (b) tell the LTTE apologists the absolute truth of your experience with the law enforcement authorities; (c) tell the actual situation in the North in the welfare camps what you saw and experienced (d) Tell SBS and other electronic media who have been doing propaganda work for LTTE and tell them your experience (e) meet specially the ALP politicians like John Murphy, Meliisa Sparke and try to convince them that what they speak of humanitarian violations by the government and painting as an oppressive state for the Tamils is far beyond any truth and bunkum.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Unknown said...

First of all, Gayathiri is not an Lecturer and her husband is not a Consultant in Adeylaide- Australia.

So, the people in Autralia know about her lies and what she is capable of.