Prabhakaran killed, KP arrested and who is next?

By Malin Abeyatunge

(August 25, Melbourne, Sri anka Guardian) When LTTE was conclusively defeated from Sri Lankan soil and Prabhakaran was killed and no signs of the survival of second in command Pottu Amman, the Tamil Diaspora still wanted to continue their struggle for Eelam and supported the Interpol fugitive self proclaimed leader Kumaran Pathmanathan who has many aliases. Unexpectedly for the Tamil Diaspora, Kumaran Pathmanathan a.k.a. K.P has been arrested and is being interrogated by the Sri Lankan intelligence. The arrest of KP left another vacuum in LTTE leadership leaving the question “WHO IS NEXT?. I believe the committee appointed by KP to evaluate of a possible Trans National LTTE Government will pick their next leader and my best bet will be the LTTE ‘s official Lawyer Visvanathan Rudrakumaran who is living in States in luxury. Will he ready to give up his affluent life in USA and the citizenship to fight another war from USA soil whilst it’s a banned terrorist outfit in USA ? What if Sri Lanka requests the US Government to extradite him for being involved with the LTTE terrorist outfit?

Next bet would be Adele Balasingham, wife of late Anton Balasingham who was the leader of the Women Tiger Suicide Wing. Of course, she will have all the protection from the British Governments as was in the past. In fact , so many names have sprung up among the Tamil Diaspora to fill the slot of next LTTE leader. Among them Perinpanayagam Sivaparan a.k.a Nediyawan operating from Norway stands out and he probably may have the backing of infamous Eric Solheim. Among the others, there are Pro LTTE propagandists and apologists who have been fighting tooth and nail from the comfy couches in the affluent countries like Australia who have been running the pro LTTE front (Australian Federation of Tamil Associations)AFTA. Names of some doctors who would have had their free education in Sri Lanka (discriminating Sinhala students) are prominent among the AFTA- Tamil Diaspora namely Dr. Victor Rajakulendran (Sydney), Dr. Raga Ragavan (Canberra), Dr.Siva Vasathan (Auckland) as contenders from AFTA.

Recently, there appears another contender called Dr Sam Pari (the name doesn’t sound Tamilish but may be she doesn’t want to expose her as a Tamil) who has become a pathological liar only second to demised Thamilselvam. In a recent Utube blog, I saw her addressing a seminar where she says that LTTE was carrying a 28 years of peaceful struggle (the background Banner also depict this). My foot! She came to lime light during the last days of LTTE with organizing mass protests in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra trying to give some oxygen to dying LTTE. She is the latest rising Star of LTTE in Australia. There is also a rumor that LTTE supporter (he is more LTTEier than Prabhakran) one Dr. Brian Seneviratna from Australia also may be trying for the vacant slot. Wow! Dollars 300 million in cash and dollars $1 billion worth of LTTE assets. It is a temptation even a saint cannot resist.

Even at the outset of the terrorist conflict, except for a few hard core LTTEers in Sri Lanka, the ordinary Tamils were not worried or concerned about Eelam or a separate State. It’s the Tamil Diaspora living comfortably in affluent countries educating their children in best of schools who wanted Eelam at the expense of ordinary Tamils who were living in the North and East. Whilst their children were having the best of education, they supported the LTTE terrorist outfit to conscript poor Tamil Children as young as 10 years old to LTTE’s child brigades to fight for the mythical Eelam. Unfortunately, albeit LTTE is defeated in Sri Lankan soil, the Tamil Diaspora is still active wanting to get Eelam by hook or crook with the help of some western politicians who would have pledged to cough for LTTE for dollars. However, one thing is certain that none of the people and names mentioned above like KP will ever leave their luxury life in the affluent countries and go to Sri Lanka to fight for another mythical Eelam but they will prefer to launch their struggle from the comfy couches and get the poor Tamils in Sri Lanka to fight for them. The top rung of the Tamil Diaspora in USA, UK, Canada Norway and Australia appears to be clamoring to be the next leader of LTTE. to take charge of the LTTE gold mine.

There only motto of the Tamil Diaspora appears to be “Let the Tamils in Sri Lanka suffer and fight for the Eelam that the we (Tamil Diaspora) want whilst we enjoy our luxury life in the affluent west”.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
No Name said...

Next is SSP Vass Gunawardena!

Unknown said...

The whole LTTE is a smoke screen with a fake strugle
just to make money.

Part of the dispora tamils assisting the fake "Genocide", so they get their Residence permits extended.

The SLANS in SL sufferd untold missery for 30 yrs.
They will suffer the consequences of this fake strugle for queit long time.

Fact is most of these dispora
tamils received free education, health care etc from " Bad" SL.
Its upto U make youe own judgment.

the consequences.

bodhi Dhana said...

Please check out
Who's who of LTTE actvists