Major wrangling within BTF

By Thavam reporting from Harrow

(September 25, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Major strife has emerged within the British Tamil Forum structure since the defeat of the LTTE in May this year. Those who wish to pave the democratic path are being sidelined by the hardcore elements that are determined to continue with the military struggle in Sri Lanka.

Those who advocate the continuation of the armed struggle are on the stronger footing, as they control the significant part of the defunct LTTE finances in the UK.

The internal struggle is said to have reached an alarming stage and the hardcore elements are able to override the will of the soft-liners.

According BTF sources, the LTTE UK based fund raising head Rupert Soosaipillai (Thanam), Root Ravi and Head of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation Reggie are able to outmanoeuvre the others with their financial power, threat and intimidation.

It is reported in the and TBC website that TRO Reggie has been ordered to leave the country by the British authorities. According to well informed sources, Reggie is planning to migrate to a Skandinavian country.

Disgruntled sources in the BTF said Reggie is effectively controlling £35 million of the LTTE funds and sizeable funds are being controlled by Thanam and Root Ravi. One source said, Thanam and Root Ravi have offered £3 million to the office bearers of BTF to handover the control of the BTF to them.

All three hardcore LTTE men are said to be living on the funds of the LTTE. The sources confirmed TRO Reggie’s direct investments in businesses in the UK runs into millions of pounds. This includes letting properties and retail businesses.
-Sri Lanka Guardian
Nathan said...


This is not the place to talk about our internal problems, our present need is to work together to free our own land.

We need unity among us Brother.

Anonymous said...

Dear Thavam,

Thanks for your information.

Any future Tamil organisations or Tamil movements must be both demogratic and OPEN towards it's OWN people. If we have not learned enough from the past, there won't be any future for us at all.

J.Shankar M.

Unknown said...


Sorry mate, this place is good as any to unmask the perpetrators who mislead the Tamils of Sri Lanka to an abyss. Thevam – keep it coming bro. Chaminda Tilakumara