Distressing pictures of extra judicial killings

(October 23, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The pictures published below are of the Tamil killed by the government forces in a gruesome manner.

The eyes have been pulled out and the chest of the victims has burnt marks. Though the place and time of these murders are not known, the source stated that the victims are surrendered LTTE cadres taken to undisclosed places for investigation following the defeat of the LTTE.

The photographs show four bodies including women. Anyone having knowledge of the identity of these victims, please contact Sri Lanka Guardian or any international human rights organizations with the information.

-Sri Lanka Guardian
Unknown said...

thank you for this message Sri Lanka Guardian i lost my sister she was in ltte untill march that i tallked las time to her after that my faily and i dnno what happend to her maybe singala army did same thing to her my parants still hope she is some where in goverment camp for ltte