Patriots and Traitors

“Reliable source says, a group of senior army officers who are disputed with Gen.Fonseka are engage with a conspiracy of create a scandals report on woman suicide bomber who targeted the Gen. Fonseka in Army HQ Colombo, story lay out as woman suicide bomber last call was taken to the Mobile of Army Commander it self, same created with producing a mobile slim which taken to custody from the blast site.”

By Keerthi Ratnayaka

(October 27, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The leadership crisis of opposition has been the theme of talk in Sri Lanka's politics for long time. Sometimes back Government top members passed hints to opposition leadership regarding it as a symbol of precious mark as it recorded most number of election defeats in SL history. Since arising nomination of Military veteran General Fonseka name to the common candidate of opposition it created entire set up upside down and maked immense pressure to Mahinda Rajapaksha. General Fonseka is the person who receive most respect from common people as well SL military thus not only LTTE, former president, opposition leader and present president cared to him, feared to him more than any one else as he managed to keep his patriotism so long despite the political issues what so ever. In the final phase of war the Indian Defense Secretary M.K. Narayan called the army commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka as the best army commander in the world for his role against capturing back LTTE occupied areas in the North and the Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

During the period 2000 to 2004 in official level he clashed with Prime Minister Ranil & President CBK on high security zone issue, further nation has witnessed the affect of weak leadership of Ranil and CBK in the last cease fire period. These qualities have been attributed General Fonseka to success of military leadership as well war victory.

But now Mahinda and Gotabaya playing a game to close the Gen.Fonseka's file in a narrow political agenda.Recently Mahinda and Gotabaya ensured to broadcast their version to public by their proxy, and stated "Security chiefs should be careful to act according to their limits, In a war the political leadership that directs it is important. The name of King Dutugamunu that was added to history. even the war was carried out by the ‘ten heroic commanders.’ If there was no King Dutugemunu, No Welusumana. No Nandrimithra. They would be no where. There were many Army Commanders during the past 30 years when the war was waged. They had guns. They had bombs. They had bullets. Why couldn’t they win? Royal version of Rajapaksha regime read as so. While a proxy antagonizing to Gen.Fonseka, Gotabhaya is tighten security to the President and his entire family by instilling fear of a possible military conspiracy. In more Chief defense of staff General Sarath Foneka’s office and private telephone lines are reported to be tapped in an unauthorized manner. Reliable sources say that the President has launched a secret operation to prevent Chief of Defence Staff General Sarath Fonseka from entering politics by Offering various Government positions even to give commander of the army position back, Madam Fonseka also receives various proposals ,packages daily from the First lady of the country, as well instilling fear in him through charging him with assaulting ,assassinating individuals in Colombo during the period of the war against the LTTE.

Thus Gotabaya and Mahinda in a mission to organize civil and military individuals to attack Gen.Fonseka,Gotabaya's close associate Major General Lawrence Fernando has been tasked with preparing the necessary groundwork. The publicity work has been handed over to the President’s Media Unit. Rawaya learned from very reliable sources, a group of senior army officers who are disputed with Gen.Fonseka are engage with a conspiracy of create a scandals report on woman suicide bomber who targeted the Gen.Fonseka in Army HQ Colombo ,story lay out as woman suicide bomber last call was taken to the Mobile of Army Commander it self, same created with producing a mobile slim which taken to custody from the blast site. Further Sudden death caused to suspected army corporal in the close arrest the person who worked as cook in the officer's mess also allegedly linked with this fiction. The nation has already witnessed the political assassins of Major General Lacky Algama and most respected Major General Janaka Perera.General Fonseka should not be another political victim with the current regime political strategy nor just another star of the survival game of UNP or JVP. In the future General Fonseka will decide on his destiny in Sri Lankan history as a great General , war hero, legitimate politician by shining success in both military and political arena. Sure if he can show his military leadership qualities in political field ,the nation will be benefited.

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-Sri Lanka Guardian
Unknown said...

This is absolute crap. People who spread and engineer this type of stories are real traitors of mother Lanka. Majority people in SriLanka are not gullible anymore. Shame on you!

kahagalle said...

Your article is not based on facts. People who served the Army know all those Army Commanders you are talking of did not have the steel in army language. Janaka Perera was a ‘Hamu’ who got his juniors to take the slack, and befriended JRJ to rise to his position. Fonseka was no match in his undisciplined younger days in the army. Anyway this not the time to bring all the skeletons out. General Fonseka nearly derailed the war with his stupid utterance several times. If not for the steadfast government directed by the Defense Secretary we would have very dire consequences.
The mobile telephone issue is not a feverous affair as the writer trying to portray. General Fonseka handpicked his cook and did not have the common sense when he brought him to Colombo to be in his mess. When you go through the facts, general Fonseka is responsible for that horrific incident. If LTTE was successful, the war would have had a different turn.
All the decoration Fonseka bestowed was by the government. There was not general if not for the government. When you see the current developments one wonder why the government was hesitant to whole heartedly embrace Fonseka, because he had been a turn coat. Even after the war he was trying to boast that only SLA did the job. He did sideline the Navy and the Air Force.
Anyway with the LTTE money and ill gotten money of UNP and the war mongering JVP the opposition will be able to launch a dirty campaign against Rajapaks. As I see it US and allies in the West disgruntled with their support to LTTE will want to push the Rajapaksa away. I hope Fonseka will not be General who only did the talking when we embarked in a fierce battle with world’s worst terrorist organization.