Mahinda all out to rig votes


(January 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to information reaching Sri Lanka Guardian, the state intelligence services backing Gotabaya Rajapakse is in full gear to rig the votes in the Presidential election to be held on 26th (Tuesday) January 2010.

With independent opinions confirming tight contest between the two leading candidates and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga coming in support of Sarath Fonseka, the President has sussed that defeat is inevitable. The elections analysis in the Sunday print media of Colombo is pointing that Tamil votes are going to decide who will be the victor at the election.

Highly worried President Mahinda Rajapakshe and his hardcore men have decided to undertake a last minute operation to stuff the ballot boxes. According to a government source associated in the operation who pleaded to maintain anonymity by not disclosing his name, 24 voting boxes stuffed with rogue votes have been hurriedly dispatched to Jaffna. Without a presiding officer being appointed for Jaffna, these ballot boxes are to be included in the count.

He said the government has created a lengthy list of names of dead Tamil people and have produced bogus ID cards to justify in the event these bogus boxes are questioned.

The highly disturbed government official further said two prostitutes are being taken to Rupavahini television station to record an interview to broadcast just before the election that General Sarath Fonseka had sex with them.

All these are done whilst the plain clothes intelligence and security men are being placed around General Fonseka’s residence to ensure he or anyone does not get leave his house.