My Suggestion to-Spiritual Buddhist Leader- Dalai Lama

By Dirgha Raj Prasai

(February 23, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Chinese leaders have opened the 'World Buddhist Forum in Tibet. I think this will be the great chance for Buddhists as well as the spiritual great Buddhist-leader Dalai Lama to plead the Buddhist philosophy.We, Nepalese people respect the Holiness of Dalai Lama. We request Dalai Lama to go China as a strong spiritual leader to establish Buddha's regime in Tibet. Then, all the people in the world support His contribution. We should have to convince about the Communist regime. The Communists never follow the spiritual path. We should have to use the religious design diplomatically. 'Where there is a will, there is a way.'

I respect the message of The Chinese Premier Wen Diablo who has declared the Buddhist forum in Tibet At that time, Dali Lama should have to regard the aspirations of the Tibetan people. If Dalai Lama follows my suggestion to return China, all the followers of Dalai Lama, all over the world, support and will happy. Then, that will be the great achievement for all. So, Dali Lama should respect the new Buddhist Forum which has opened in China. We request- Dali Lama not to think the Free- Tibet.

The Chinese never support the suicidal path. The reality is that some foreigners are trying to destroy Nepal by damaging and ruining the monarchy through the Maoist (anarchists) and the traitors of Nepali congress (so called democracy) & UML(Communist) parties and then infiltrate the same virus to Tibet ( for their personal fulfillment) by increasing the Free Tibet activities to separate Tibet from China. They want to abolish the Hindu & Buddha's identities.

Nepal is the pious country in the lapse of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, quiet, the birth place of Buddha and origin of Hinduism. Besides being the country of Everest it is equally popular with its diverse cultural values. This is the land where civilization began and is also known as the country of 'SANGRILA.' Nepal is as holy place to Hindus & Buddhists, as Mecca for Muslims and Jerusalem to Jews and Christians.

Nepal is a country sandwiched between China and India. Because of its geo-political situation, Nepal's sovereignty has always been very sensitive. Nepal is rich culturally and naturally. Our successful foreign policy would be to maintain our culture, traditions and indigenous identities to balance between China and India with monarchy. So, there must be reinstated the Monarchy in Nepal. Actually, Nepal is a paradise which provides calmness and rejuvenation to the mind. This lovely place is also said as the potpourri of ethnicity and has many cultural landscapes. So, I request Dalai Lama to be the Hero of Buddha religion in this Zone. Then, Dalai Lama will free for coming & going in Lumbani (the birth place of Buddha), Nepal.

We know, there is only the interest of America to destroy China carrying Dalai Lama on their shoulder. Nepalese people also always regard the strong unity of China including Tibet. The Lord Pashupathinath, Shoyambhunath of Nepal is the symbols of Hindus & Buddha's. Nepal is a Birth Land of Buddha. Lumbini is a pious land for Hindus & Buddhists. But, the position is very danger from the Nepalese traitors who are in regime. They are going to destroy the unity between Hindu & Buddhas. We, all the Nepalese people hate such notorious activities. So, to save the identities of Buddha's philosophy and traditions, Dalai Lama is necessary to live in Tibet, permanently. We request Dali Lama to return Tibet to save the Buddhism.