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TGTE constitution of the Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam

by Special Correspondent in Colombo


with the principles of the rule of law, respect for the human rights democracy, equality of all persons, and the right to self-determination of Peoples,
to ensure the right to life and physical security of Tamil people,
Being aware
that the history of the relations between the Tamil People and the Sinhala People has been a process of broken promises and unilateral abrogation, by successive governments of Sri Lanka, of pacts and agreements solemnly entered into between the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the representatives of the Tamil People,
in mind that successive Governments of Sri Lanka have perpetrated genocide ,crime against humanities and war crimes against the Tamil People,
that the Tamil people mandated their elected representatives to establish an independent sovereign, secular State for the Tamil people in their traditional homeland, in the elections subsequent to the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976,
in mind that the Tamils’ nonviolent campaign to realize the mandate given by the Tamils proved to be futile due to Sri Lankan state’s aggression coupled with lack of political space for Tamils in the island.
in mind that the Tamil armed struggle as a measure of self-defense and as a means for the realization of the Tamils’ right to self-determination arose only after more than four decades of non-violent and peaceful constitutional struggle proved to be futile and due to the absence of means to resolve the conflict peacefully,
in mind that the Tamils’ political and arm struggle and the resultant de facto state of Tamil Eelam created a political space to articulate the political aspirations of the Tamil people.
the genocide and state terrorism of the Sri Lankan state weakens the Tamils’ power and destroys the political space enjoyed by them.
the absence of political space inside the island to articulate the political aspirations of the Tamil people.
the historical obligation of the Tamil Diaspora to create the political space outside the island of Sri Lanka.
the referendums held in Norway, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, France and Netherlands reaffirming the mandate given in the Vaddukoddai Resolution and the sacrifice of the Tamil people in the ensuing 30 years.
the emergence of Tran nationalism and the Tamil peoples’ Trans national political activism articulated in the Advisory Committee’s report published on March 15, 2010.
the democratic elections held in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.
the formation of the Trans national Government of Tamil Eelam on May 17, 2010 at the National Constitutional Center in Philadelphia, USA.
the TGTE has been formed to realize the Tamils’ right to self determination and exercise their sovereignty.
the TGTE has guided us towards a democratic system of government, in order to establish an independent state of Tamil Eelam based on the principles of peace, non-violence, tolerance, pluralism, transparency and accountability.
in particular, efforts shall be made in promoting the achievement of Eelam Tamil's common goal as well as to strengthen the solidarity of Tamils, both within and outside of Eelam.
The Second Assembly of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam do hereby promulgate and legalize this Constitution as their fundamental guide.
Adoptedthis day on September 2010 at __________.

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