Sri Lanka award multi million pounds contract to image building consultants

(October 16, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The government of Sri Lanka, through its High Commission in London has appointed Bell Pottinger, a public relations company to carryout image building consultancy work for the government in the United Kingdom.

The undisclosed, multi-million pounds contract is said to cover pro-active engagement of the consultancy to counter the Tamil Diaspora campaign work in the United Kingdom.

Bell Pottinger, Public Affairs and image building consultancy is based at 5th Floor, Holborn Gate, 26 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1QB and is said have been given a open ended contract to reach all the forums in the UK to counter the campaign of the Tamils in the UK. They have been even instructed to penetrate into Tamil organisations and their campaign work and be a step ahead in their campaign work.

The present High Commissioner the retired Justice Nihal Jayasinge’s term is coming to an end and he will be replaced by a senior military commander who had served in the final assault against the LTTE last year. The government has appointed Bell Pottinger well in advance to counter any negative publicity and campaign against the military commander.

According to sources, Bell Pottinger is already tapping the doors of the House of Commons and the media with its proactive engagement. They are also expected to reach the Amnesty International.

Bell Pottinger’s consultancy services is graphically illustrated in its website:

The website under its introductory heading ‘Today, more than ever, your reputation will determine whether you succeed or fail’ states: ‘At Bell Pottinger, we understand how to create, build and protect reputations in the modern age. We serve more than 600 clients – including UK and global brands, service firms and charities. We also work with governments, government departments and public sector bodies. We operate in a wide range of sectors, disciplines and geographies. Our great strength is the experience we have drawn from serving such a wide client base. It enables us to bring you the communication solutions you need, so you can achieve better results.’
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