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‘I am not playing politics’ – Government Agent Jaffna

(November 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Tamil media of Sri Lanka was singled out and came under criticism by the Jaffna Government Agent of Jaffna, Mrs Imelda Sugumar in a statement published in the ‘Tamil Mirror’ reproduced in the ‘Thenee.com’ Tamil website did not refer to the very same information published in the English media. The statement published in the ‘Tamil Mirror’ did not even filter in to the Tamil Mirror’s English edition ‘Daily Mirror’.

It was widely reported in the Colombo media that: ‘The Government Agent, Imelda Sukumar who was the Mullaitivu GA during the war, …. vehemently denied claims that those who crossed over from LTTE controlled areas to Government controlled areas carrying white flags were fired at by the army during the height of the war.’

The translation of the Government Agent’s comments states:

‘Distorted statements have been published by some about the evidence I gave before the Lesson Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

‘When I gave evidence before the LLRC, I clearly stated that I will only give evidence about incidences until January 22. I only gave evidence about the suffering of the people until they moved in to the safety zone.

‘I gave evidence in clear English, so that the LLRC will understand what I said to them directly.

‘The media, as they wished, have published incorrect translation of my evidence. I strongly condemn this.

‘The events I evidenced in Mullivaykal has been falsely stated by the media as incidences that had taken place there. Because of non availability of correct translation, they are falsely accusing me.

‘I wish to state, I am not a politician and am a government officer carrying out my administrative responsibilities. I cannot act on the wishes of the politicians.

‘I repeatedly stated during my evidence that I will only tell about the events until 22nd January. My evidence is in the records of the LLRC. Tell a Friend

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