Tamil freedom rests on fundamental unity

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse (L) steps off the plane at the international airport in Katunayake on December 3, 2010 after his visit to London. Rajapakse scheduled to address the prestigious Oxford University Union on December 2 was cancelled after protests from ethnic Tamil groups in London. His visit had drawn protests from Tamil groups which accused him of war crimes while crushing ethnic Tamil rebels in 2009. They called for him and key members of his entourage to be arrested.
by Dr Vickramabahu Karunaratne

(December 19, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I defended the struggle of Tamil nationality for democracy and freedom, since 1974. However, I never advocated separation; on the contrary I appealed for voluntary unity in one country. This is the position of Marxism. I believe Tamils have a right to take up arms to defend and resist oppression and brutality. At the same time I condemn violence against innocent people, in particular violence against children and women. Also, using assassination and murder to settle political disputes should be condemned severely. Particularly, such action on the same side of the barricade will lead to the degeneration of the liberation movement. Any liberation movement that cannot keep democracy, discussion and debate, will produce a hideous situation. History has given many such examples. I always disputed the bourgeois politics of the Tamil liberation movement. Clearly, the view that the global powers including India, could deliver freedom and autonomy to Tamils was proved again and again, to be a fallacy.


Tamil freedom rests on the fundamental unity between the Tamil liberation and the struggle of the proletarians, both local and international. Having said all that, I must dispute the illiterate view that every village peasant leader that organizes a provincial dictatorial power represents fascism. Fascism arises in an industrial society by planned regimented chauvinist action against the organized proletariat. It displays a moment of degeneration and decadence, of a cultured modern society. In fact if fascism forms a state today it definitely will lead to a nuclear holocaust. Every word has a meaning given by the process of history. If one uses words as one pleases then sensible discussion will be impossible.

Ranga Jayasuriya of the LakbimaNews reported the following interview taken through the mobile of Minister Sarath Kumara Gunaratna:

“You are accused of attacking two journalists and NLF leader Dr. Karunaratne inside the airport? I also heard that. But I was in Parliament on that day. It was patriotic people who were enraged by the betrayal of Karunaratne who assaulted them, but I am happy that even ordinary people of this country are taking their patriotic duty seriously and acting against traitors. was it the patriotic public who assaulted two journalists also? I don’t know. But, they had been there with his (Vickremebahu’s) supporters. I can tell you that in the future, it does not matter whether they are politicians or journalists. People will beat up anyone who betrays this country. That is what I call people’s power. You can see how people came to the airport on the day of the president’s arrival (from London) and pledged that they would be behind their great leader. People will take to task anyone who betrays this country and its leader.”

This utterance of the minister depicts the respect the Mahinda regime has for law and order in this society. I seriously believe that my position on the national problem is the way out for a united Lanka. Hence it is the position of a true patriot, a lover of a free democratic Lanka. The violence advocated by the minister shows well, the attitude of the regime towards not only Leftists like myself, but also towards the Tamils who do not submit to the Sinhala chauvinism of the Mahinda regime. Tamil liberation is not Prabahkaran. Hence the death of Pirapaharan does not mean the end of Tamil liberation. Tamil liberation will continue and rise up again and again, until an acceptable solution is given to the Tamil people. The problem of the government is the debt, and the bondage pressed on them by the international money lenders. Mahinda had to carry out every promise he has given to the people of this country in the negative. No, to wage increase, no, to free education, no, to free medicine, no, to village welfare, no to pensioners and no, to fisher folk; but yes to the agents of global capital. The wrath of the poor man has to be faced. Already workers, students and fisher folk are up in arms. Even doctors and university teachers, are angry over the way they were cheated by the regime. Burning anger is spreading from urban worker to the village poor. The humiliation suffered in London has broken the image of the great leader of the parochial humbugs. Something has to be done. He has taken the traditional path of reactionary capitalist leaders. That is to arouse Sinhala chauvinism and create civil unrest. If his goons start attacking us of the Left in the streets, through out the country, it will take the form of a civil war, worse than that of the 88/89 period. In a scenario of rising prices and unemployment, it could take the form of a riot of the hungry against the rich, if not a new wave of communal riots.

Yes Gunaratna, come to the streets; start your epidemic. It maybe the beginning of the end of your beloved regime!
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