What can the Tamils do in Sri Lanka?

by Subramaniam Masilamany

(December 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Well, we made terrible mistakes, We never trusted each other, stayed divided and furthered our selfish goals.We have this sea sickness syndrome. We were crabs that pull each other down and fish that does not know the importance of community. A fish will only discover water last but too late. But the good news is we can come back.

We have to go back and rebuild, we assume our family like a nation and our home and land as our country. Become self sufficient in our own way, stay away from any form of governance. World powers are slow to respond and act. India and China of no help. Civilization has gone back to nature, might is right, and subjects are not armed with sticks and stones but with barrels and bombs. What can an ordinary Tamil person who prostituted his community do? Yes you did. No diseass can invade if the immune system is strong, barbarians are like a disease and they invade when the social immune system is weak. We had weak social immune system.

What can we do now, at this very moment? ordinary peace loving people killed in cold blood, they are not terrorists, so why then they are killed. No reason is given, No reason will be given. That is Mahinda Rajapaks'a rule, it looks more like a criminal's rule.

What can ordinary Tamil civilian do? You have to be Pro-active, Precautionary, Prudent, Pragmatic, Patient, Peaceful etc. Beacuse the enemy is bellgerent, stubbron, non reasoning and violent. The enemy has no remorse. As much as possible stay away from the mindless thugs roamning the streets, they are the proxies of the President.The President is the head of state terror cartel funded by India and China. So you have a formidable enemy. You are numerically and financially too weak. But you will come back.

Then as I told you earlier we are responsible for our own plight. We are divided, poorly of course united, selfishly motivated, sense of community is hard find. It is our rush to fame and fortune that we prostituted our future, that is our own children! But the enemy is intoxicated with Fanaticism, Racism, Barbarism. His mind is dull and no better than a donkey.

But stay firm and steadfast, beleive in yourself and in divine faith. Prayers never go unanswered. You can disarm any enemy with faith in the almighty. Do that daily and clean up your mind. What else can you do, but Jews and the American Africans over came their troubles, we shall too, what we need is faith that will move the mountain.

But I beg to some Tamils please as Jesus said "You were born to do good, if you cannot please do no harm". Some of you, can you please do no harm to your brother?

We also must pray for the enemy's proxies, they are misguided and they have no food, no bread, no eggs, no coconut, but they are given plenty of arms and amuunition. How?. When their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters have to resort to the oldest profession to make a living in the streets of colombo and the mansion of the middle east what can the children do? They become crooks and criminals, they have no one look upon to other than a terror king. He is their role model!

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