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Bruce Fein to Sri Lanka: “I’m Back!!”

by Dr. Stephen Long

(January 30, Los Angeles- California, Sri Lanka Guardian) As former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced in “Terminator 2,” our old friend Bruce Fein announced to Sri Lanka that he was back in full-swing when he filed a lawsuit against President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Texas this past week while the President was on a private visit to see his family. Bruce Fein, the former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Washington D. C. lobbyist, of course, never really went away. After the military phase of the war was over he was busy regrouping his LTTE/Tamil Diaspora paymasters, fomenting his message of vengeance, collecting his monthly retainers, and waiting to pounce at the first opportunity. And this he did when he filed a $30 million lawsuit against the President on behalf of his clients for alleged war crimes during the final days of the terrorist war.

I started writing articles about Bruce Fein over three years ago – warning the GOSL and the President that this mercenary beltway prostitute was a potentially formidable threat. This proved to be true. In the interim, Mr. Fein has apparently continued to work for a number of LTTE front organizations that have presumably paid him handsomely (some say from $30,000 to $100,000 a month) for attempting to wreak legal vengeance on the Government and cause it acute embarrassment for alleged genocidal atrocities, which, as we know now, are completely fictitious.

I have compassion for the members of the Tamil Diaspora who are still funding this Bruce Fein character in their undying and unrelenting attempt to carve a Tamil homeland out of the sovereign state of Sri Lanka. Their collective ego just won’t “let it go,” admit defeat, and accept the fact that “been there/done that” – it just isn’t going to work. Never again will the GOSL allow a repeat performance of the LTTE regime that kept the island in a state of constant terror – murdering tens of thousands of innocents – for thirty years.

I have boundless compassion for these good, misguided overseas Tamil people because even though they don’t know it, they are functioning from a very, very low level of consciousness. They are motivated by hatred, perceived misdeeds of the past, murderous revenge – unknowingly or knowingly contributing to human suffering. In fact, they are simply denying the truth and suffering from paradigm blindness – caught in the failed LTTE paradigm, which is based on force, brutality, oppression, exclusionism, and an extremely limited world view.

Human history has many examples of what my psychiatrist friends would call “narcissistic megalomaniacal messiah figures” that from time to time make their appearance on the world stage and use emotionally-charged rhetoric, slogans, political memes, and self-righteous, polarizing positionalities to gain the following of the masses and derail their people’s and countries’ evolutionary progress. These sick leaders inevitably feed and pursue their greedy ambitions and narcissistic delusions at the expense of even sacrificing the lives of millions of their own people. Villupilai Prabakaran is one of these figures, a perfect example. Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, and Milosevic are others from recent history that readily come to my mind. The Tamil Diaspora, which includes millions of fine people who are scattered around the world, just doesn’t seem to “get” this. It’s so obvious to me (and I’m not alone in this view) that these good people simply and incorrectly placed their trust and faith in a false prophet who wound up leading so many thousands to their deaths – including many of their Tamil brethren.

This observation reminds me that Dr. David Hawkins is absolutely correct when he says repeatedly in all his books that the human mind simply cannot tell the difference between truth and falsehood. Unfortunately, for many physiological and psychological reasons, our minds just aren’t naturally wired that way, having evolved from the animal mind, which is limited to focus only on survival and gain. The only way to acquire the discernment necessary to tell the difference between truth and falsehood is by aligning oneself with Universal Principles and progressing up the levels of consciousness. This upward path eventually leads to above the demarcation line of truth and integrity – on to the levels of acceptance, forgiveness, willingness, reason, finally to love – and ultimately to enlightenment and complete spiritual fulfillment. This is the purpose of human evolution. Committing yourselves to anything less is to waste your life.

People like Bruce Fein, however, won’t let his “clients” progress upwards on this path, however, because of the massive income he receives from their funding of vengeful LTTE front groups that won’t give up. It is documented that he has worked for a number of these groups in Canada and the United States in the past. He is very clever and has a way of “stirring up the pot” and keeping members of the Diaspora agitated, in a mood for revenge, financially contributing, and clinging to false hope that their dream of an Eelam in Sri Lanka could one day become a reality. As long as Mr. Fein is being paid you can be sure that he will make more trouble in the future – possibly bringing litigation against Sri Lankan military officers – retired or otherwise – when they choose to visit the United States on a private visit.

Please good people of the Tamil Diaspora, I beg of you! Do not be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s’ clothing that is milking your hopeless cause for every dollar he can get! He’s laughing all the way to the bank on your hard-earned money, and innocently and unknowingly, you are karmically responsible for spreading hatred and suffering in the world. Do yourselves a favor and spend your money on a worthy cause, one that brings healing and attempts to end suffering. There are thousands of organizations you could choose to give to that would benefit your karma – many of them that benefit the rebuilding of Sri Lanka, your Motherland. By doing so you would actually be raising your consciousness toward the level of love and peace. Don’t waste this opportunity to be born as a human on negative, fruitless endeavors that drag you down and cause you and others to suffer. Rise up in consciousness, put aside your sense of “separateness,” let go of your ego’s misguided need for righteous revenge, understand that as humans we are all the same, and put your energies and resources into activities that help us all.

One last note: the levels of consciousness apply to everyone on the planet and every human institution as well. May the good people of all races, political parties, and religions of Sri Lanka kindly take this message to heart: humility, forgiveness, acceptance, and an understanding of the greater Oneness need to be embraced by all of us if we are to collectively more forward toward peace.

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