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CaTpad strongly condemns attack on Buddhist Vihara and monks in Chennai

(January 28, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy (CaTpad) condemns the cowardly attack on the Buddhist Vihara in Chennai by LTTE sympathizers and anti social elements backed by LTTE. The attack on place of worship and Buddhist monks clearly demonstrate the LTTE’s impatience and anger of growing friendship and stronger relationship between the Tamil and Sinhalese communities in Srilanka and the frustration due to strong Diplomatic ties between Srilanka and India.

In the past, the LTTE has made similar attempts to provoke the Sinhala community, which has failed due to the greater understanding, maturity and patience shown by the Sinhala community. We Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy, Thank the Buddhist Sinhala community for the repeated greater understanding, maturity and patience shown again at the crucial time without falling prey to Terrorist attempt to sabotage the peace and communal harmony established in Srilanka after the defeat of separatist.

CaTpad strongly condemns the failure of State police to protect the Buddhist Vihara and the monks very well knowing the anti Sinhala sentiments of the LTTE sympathizers in the State of Tamil Nadu and the presence of active political movements and political parties against the State of Srilanka. We urge the Government of India to intervene in this matter to make sure the place of worship belongs to the Buddhist and the lives of monks are safe from pro LTTE elements and pro LTTE political parties. We Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy request the Government of India to direct the Tamil Nadu Government to take all measures and appropriate steps in this regard.

We also want to bring to the attention of the people of Tamil Nadu, that there were thousands of Hindu temples located in the Sinhala heartland were well maintained, protected and supported by the Government of Srilanka and the Buddhist community itself is the major worshippers and contributors equally as of the Tamil Hindus. There is also a separate ministry for the Hindu Affairs which looks after the welfare of Temples funded by the Government of Srilanka.

We Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy calls on the Tamils and Sinhalese in Srilanka to stand and work together to thwart out any attempts by separatist to destroy the growing stronger ethnic relations and unity which will build stronger Srilanka. We also urge the people of Tamil Nadu to reject the false propaganda of the defeated separatist and support their brothers in Srilanka, as they live with several religious and communities in India.

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