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Murders, abduction, robberies & sexual violence took place in Jaffna during the last three months.

[February 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian]

o On 11.11.2010 at Kudathanai in Vadamarachi area two women who went to collect firewood have been undergone to sexual violence.One 19 year old student and the other one wife of a detainee who is still in the detention camp. Police from Manatkadu inquired about the incident.

o On 13.11.2010 a young boy, Pathmanathan Thusyanthan from Polikandy, disappeared and later found death at the beach. He seems to be a mentally retarded person according to the police investigation.

o On 13.11. 2010 at Nagarkovil area the mine clearance unit team has found a skeleton of a person. Point petro Judge investigating this matter.

o On 06.12.2010 at Point petro 13 year old child has been raped by a 26 year old boy. The Injured child was admitted in the point petro base hospital and the perpetrator has been arrested .

o On 11.12.2010, at Puloly 19 year old Thulasy Ariyanayagam Found death in an a banded well . On 29. 11 .2010 she was reported disappeared.

o On 12.12.2010 at Udupity in front of MPCS at 600 pm a young girl has been abducted by two persons came in a motor Bike. Investigations continues.

o On 12.12.2010 at Chankanai in front of Murugamoorthy Temple three members from a family of Hindu priests have been shot and the armed men have robbed their Jewels and cash and ran away. The injured Nithyanantha sarma later died. Others admitted in the hospital.

o On 25.12.2010 A person has been arrested and brought by Supposed to be the Vavuniya police on suspicion that he has sold some jewels to these jewellery shops.while investigations going the persons came in civil dress took more jewels and sovereigns from the shop owners and went away. The shop owners made a complaint to the Jaffna police but no information so far received.

o On 26.12.2010 Vallykamum Dy,director of Education Markandu Sivalingam has been shot to death by unknown armed gunmen. This incident took place at Urumpirai west at his residence. Police investigation going on.

o On 27.12.2010 at Point petro unknown armed men entered into a house injured her and robbed Thali Koddy from a woman Thankavelautham Selvarany . she was admitted in the hospital.

o 30.12.2010 at Maniyanthoddam, Echamoddai, R. Chandrasiri has been found death from an unoccupied house. His head had been found covered therefore on suspicion investigation going on.

o On 30.12.2010 At Meesalai, one vehicle broker has been abducted by unknown three persons and later on 29th found at Vempirai cemetery with injuries . admitted hospital.

o On 31.12.2010 at Urumpirai near the three temple surrounding young boy has been abducted by unknown persons came by white van. This boy is being released from the rehabilitation camp recently.

o On 01.01,2011 at Kudathanai about 31 st evening Thavarasa Ketheswaran (28) has been shot to death.He was abducted by unknown persons and later killed.
o On 01.01.2011 At Alvai Vadamarachi, nearly 31 st evening mother of six children has been abducted in a white Van.She is Pushpadevy Yoganathan age 48. Police investigation going on.

o On 01.01.2011 At Urimpirai Kopinath an Auto Driver has been abducted . Reported to Kopay police by his wife.

o On 31.12.2010 At Urumpirai Shanmuganathan Vigneswaran Age 31 has been abducted by unidentified persons. In2007 he surrendered at the HRC and released from the rehabilitation centre , Tellipalai recently.

o On 03.01. 2011 night, a coolie worker father of five children reported missing. His name is Mahalingam Amutharasa.

o On 04.01.2011 At Chankanai at about 11.30 morning robbers wearing mask robbed jewels from a house and ran away.

o On 5.01.2011 S.Itayan, father of a child has been killed by unknown persons attacking him using swords. He returned recently from Vanni and settled in Thitunellvely.

o On 3.01.2011 At Urrmpirai a father of five children has been reported missing at the Human Rights commission . Mahalingan Amutharasa.His body has been identified from a well after 10 days .

o A person from Jaffna surrendered at the HRC in fear of life threat.

o At Chulipuram 25 sovereign chain has been snatched by armed gang groups from a women lived alone.

On 9.01 2011 at Urumpirai a coolie worker went to purchase firewood has been reported missing . Sinnadurai Kugathasan aged 47.

o 365 Muslim families from Puttlam has been returned to Jaffna for resettlement.

o On 18 .01.2011 65 sovereign jewels have been robbed by unidentified robbers at a house , Kachcheri, Jaffna.

o On 18.01.2011 At Pannagam , 50 sovereign jewels have been robbed from a woman lived alone.

o On 20.01.2011 Ootrukulam village, Kilinochchi Mr Gajan aged 13 has been found missing. people from that area took effort to search him bur couldn’t still found him.

o On 26.01.2011 K. havachelvan’s body has been found hanged on a Palmyra Tree . He is a father of five children. Aged 42.. He was found missing from 24th of Jan 2011. Inquires going on.

o On 27.01.2011 A mother of a child of 3 years returning after attending a house warming ceremony was found missing from Kilinochichi, Narchikuda. Her husband is employed in a foreign country. Reported to the police station.

o On 29.01.2011 early morning at Vadamarachi East along the Maruthankerni Road near a cemetery Satees Rajaratnam , aged 26 has been murdered . He an Important member of EPDP. He went there to make arrangements for the Minister expected to visit the area the next day .

On 26.01.2011 A . Thulasimaran, aged 25, travelling from Valvettithurai to Colombo has been reported missing. Informed to HRs commission and the Point petro police . He is expected to start work at a trade centre in Colombo.

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