Another Island wide strike

by Wimalananda Sukumar

Why Sri Lankan University Teachers are not deserving any Salary Increment?
(March 23, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)1. Non of the Sri Lankan University teachers are recruited and promoted in a proper way. Their qualifications and the grades are not fair. Because Universities are passing and giving classes and high grades very unfair manner to friends, relatives, sons and daughters and personnel henchmen. The current setup of Sri Lankan Universities never allow any outside qualified person to enter the system.

2. More than 75% of Sri Lankan University Professors do not have PhDs and those who have PhDs they got from India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. These countries are not considered as good places for quality education. Some Professors, Deans and Heads do not have any foreign exposure or PhDs. What type of quality graduates these people can produce.

3. You do not find 5% of the Sri Lankan professors with right International indexed Journal publications. At least after PhD you have to have 12 years’ experience and minimum ten publications in International indexed journals to be called as a “PROFESSOR”. But none of the Sri Lankan Professors do have this qualification. Some are copying from others text books and publishing by themselves as author publish books. If you get Medical faculty professorships are getting publishing their own Journals run by them. Engineering faculty same they publish their own IESL journal and get professorship. These local journals are not indexed or rightly refereed. They are not truly international.

4. Currently Sri Lankan Universities are giving prof. positions to the person they want and no University is following even the UGC low level circular. You will find the world’s lowest qualified VC in Sri Lanka: Uva-Wellassa University VC. He is boasting about this University but it is very much lower than technical college in India.

5. Non of the University Lecturers came forward in national issues such as democracy dying (One family is now running country and its resources), Judiciary collapsed, economy in mess, people only survive through foreign low level jobs, over 50000 graduates are unemployed, Police collapsed, Good governance is zero, education collapsed, Human right zero, Government is issuing manipulated economic development and growth data, all the key positions with corruptive MR clan and 90% country’s money (budget) handled by MR family, incapable opposition leader helping ruling party to stay in power. Today country is running by politicians (not any say to professionals or citizens) and more than 99% of these politicians are criminals, robbers, rapists and thugs. They are plundering national wealth for their own gains by using religion and patriotism. Non of the Sri Lankan University Lecturer came forward and at least wrote any news paper article on this or educate public about this disaster regime. But some helped to this corruptive regime because of the benefits they get.

6. Everybody knows so called these Jokers (University teachers) are in Sri Lanka because they are bad. If they are good they never going to be in Sri Lanka. Now they corrupt the system and build kingdom for their personnel gains through tax payers money inside the University. Therefore never increase their salary from poor tax payers money. Even if you decrease their salary they will stay. Who wants them? Sri Lankan Professors are real “JOKERS” nothing else.

7. See how inside University administration. It is a hell because VCs are politically appointed and run Universities as their private property, least qualified person is the Head of Dept. and Dean. These people are helping VCs to make billions from tenders, making millions from short courses and it is a mafia type private business. Now they sell degree also under the name of money charging courses, short courses and violating government rules starting consultancy arms also inside the University for their own gain.

8. See the recent Lecturers’ recruitments to Sri Lankan Universities most are ICBT, IDM, SLIIT and other lower level people those who could not enter the Sri Lankan National Universities but they are relatives and friends sons and daughters.

9. Take Sri Lanka Open University. It is a complete failure WHITE ELEPHANT. See the costs incurred and the benefits nation get: Nothing. Just only give few jobs to jokers as teachers and professors and waste tax payers money to give facilities and salaries to these jokers.

10. Today you close Government low quality Universities nothing going to happen to economy because necessary quality graduates are passing out from Private Universities, Technical Colleges and foreign countries. Even Medical and Engineering and any field no problem at all.

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