Condemn government’s agreements that consolidate Indian hegemony

External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris called on the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on 17 May 2011. 

by Political Bureau
                                                         Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna                                                            

(May 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) After the visit to India by the Minister of External Affairs G.L. Peiris a joint statement has been issued on the 17th by the foreign ministers of the two countries.

The statement vividly indicates the highly crafty manner India has taken Sri Lanka into its grip and how the shadow of Indian dominance has been spread throughout the island.

The intention of the visit to India by the Minister of Foreign affairs had been published as an attempt to get Indian support against the report by the ‘Panel of Experts’ appointed by the UN Secretary General. However, not a word regarding this is mentioned in the joint statement. On the other hand, certain proposals found in the report have been proposed back by India which is nothing but a political joke. Also, the overall content of the agreement manifests nothing but India’s requirement of manipulating Sri Lanka for its economic, political and security interests.

Through this statement Rajapakse regime has idiotically allowed India to manipulate, without any returns for the country, ports, railways, fishing sectors, the economy of Sri Lanka and power and energy sectors, highly sensitive security centers such as Palaly Air Port and KKS Harbour as well as politics in the country that had been already delivered to India through CIPA agreement and agreements for constitutional and other changes in laws and regulations.

The government instead of providing relief to people in the North and the East, in spite of the war had been over for two years, has allowed international pressure to overwhelm them evading its responsibility for the sovereignty of the country and as the JVP, we, condemn, with utter contempt, the agreement by the government to proposals that bring the country under the hegemony of India.

The retribution for the idiotic process of the government of agreeing to practices of completely bringing Sri Lanka’s economy, politics and security under the hegemony of India would not be only for the government but for the whole country and the people in the country. Hence, we call upon the whole Nation to rally to defeat the procedures of the government that jeopardize the sovereignty of the country and sacrifice our economy.

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