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Mirihana Police -Torture Chamber Case

Court grants leave to proceed

(May 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today, 30.05.2011, Supreme Court granted leave to proceed with the fundamental rights petition filled by Ranjith Sumanagala against Mirihana Police for illegal arrest, detention, torture and fabricating false charges.

From the very day Ranjith Sumangala began to sought justice, the perpetrators tried their best to influence him to withdraw the petition. In this circumstances, he under went tremendous difficulties including losing of his career.

The fundamental rights petition ( SC/FR 207-2011) filled by Ranjith Sumanagala against Mirihana Police came before the bench comprising of Justice Shirani Thilakawardena, Justice Mashroof and Justice Shuresh Chandra.

Apart from granting leave, the court also gave directions, as to arrest and detain the respondents until the end of the case, if in future, the petitioner complained of about any harassments, threats and undue influences by the respondents. The state counselor was requested also to take criminal actions against them.

Police officer Bandara, IP Bhathiya Jayasinghe, Officer-In-Charge Emergency Unit of Mirihana police, Chief Inspector, Egodahewa, Headquarters Inspector of Mirihana police, Superintendent of Police, Nugegoda Division, M. W. D. Tennakone, the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Mahinda Balasuriaya and Attorney General are the respondents in this case.

Supporting the application, Counsel Viran Corea instructed by City Law Office, informed court that W. Ranjith Sumanagala of Kindelpitiya, Millewa was forced to falsely admit to a series of robberies as he could not bear the inhuman torture subjected on him. Counsel Viran Corea also informed court that in addition to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, the police unlawfully detained the victim and had misled the Magistrate by producing him four days after his original arrest.

t the time of Medical Examination, more than fifteen physical injuries including damage to his nervous system were identified by the JMO.

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