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New LTTE Leader Nediyavan arrested in Norway and held in custody

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by N. Sethurupan

(May 20, Oslo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The notorious newly elected LTTE's Leader Perinpanayagam Sivaparan known by his nom de guerre Nediyawan is a prominent figure in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is at present held under police custody in Norway. According to reports from Norwegian Media.

Dutch police believe he has contributed millions in terrorist financing.

Dutch terrorist hunters believe that Nediyavan has a prominent role in the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), and that he is central to a larger LTTE's finance activities.

LTTE Leader Nediyavan who daily work in a nursery school was a few months since the visit by Dutch police, who had gotten a court order to search the residence of his. After the TV 2 understand, it should have been seizures that links him to terrorist financing case.

According to the latest report, The Dutch investigators believe he has contributed millions to LTTE.

Norwegian Conservatives believe that Norway should do as the 27 EU countries, and look at the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization, according to Peter S. Gitmark in foreign and defense committee.

We know that Tamils ​​raises funds in Norway and has done so for a long time.

There will be affected by terrorism legislation in the EU, means that Norway is a haven.

- If the retreat also means that they're going start a new resistance movement, they are major political consequences.

And the consequences for the civilian population in Sri Lanka will be dramatic, continuing Gitmark.

We are holding information indicating that there is today. And there are representatives of the Tamils ​​in Norway who say openly that they have been victims of extortion. It is very serious said Gitmark.

Norway must follow the EU terrorist lists. So when the EU list Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization, Norway must do it the same way.

- We must stop any form of financing that can be used for terrorist activities. And with terrorism, I believe any form of armed struggle in Sri Lanka, says Gitmark to TV 2

Norwegian Intelligence Service (PST) : - We follow with

PST- manager Janne Kristiansen told TV 2 that it will be harder to investigate a group of Tamil Tigers in Norway than in an EU country

- We included on all terror-related activities in Norway. There will be a difficult burden of proof issue for us if we were to investigate a case where an organization is only on the EU terrorist list and not the UN, "she told TV 2

- So you are saying is that it is difficult to prove when it comes to terrorist Tamil Tigers in Norway than it is in the EU?

- That's it, there it is listed. But we advise EU countries when they come with legal requests. That's what we've done in the case to the Dutch who has conducted interviews in Oslo District Court.

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