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We never gave false promises or resorted to kindle flames of racism - Deva

(July 26, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) “We, having contested from the United People’s Freedom Alliance at the local government election held in the Northern Province yesterday, won 03 local bodies with overwhelming majority whilst losing marginally at another two. More than 70 of our candidates have been selected at this election. At this juncture, I first wish to convey my sincere thanks and that of the contestants from my party to all those people who voted and supported us in every respect trusting the government”.

“ I also wish to state that whilst taking necessary steps to fast track the development activities at the 03 “Pradeshiya Sabhas” where we have gained power, we would act as a responsible opposition at the once we have lost to run these local bodies free of corruption, protecting the public properties and contributing our maximum to the developmental activities in the administrative areas of these local bodies. I am a person, who do what I say and say what I do. At this election I never promised the Sun and Moon to the people to grab their votes, but on the contrary continuing to make an every effort to give people their basic necessities.

“At this election I did place before the people the things that are practically possible. I did not campaign for low level propaganda that impede the progress of humanity, I never made statements to provoke the animal in people. I never made outrageous lies and tried to grab votes. All those with conscience will fully condone this” said the Minister.

“ We are of belief that there should exist a strong inter-racial friendship among the individual races in order for us to arrive at solutions to our diverse problems. We invited His Excellency the President and Hon. Basil Rajapakse, the Minister of Economic Development for sorting out our problems. I am thankful to those Ministers and Deputy ministers who visited the North at the election time. We invited them to enable us to attend to the requirements of our people. However, it was a sad thing to observe that the narrow minded politicians here, pointing out it as a “Sinhalization” of the North grabbed the votes of the masses, they also alleged that the government was trying to re-visit the situations similar to setting fire to Jaffna Library and 1983 ethnic riots. Tamil National Alliance (TNA) urged not to engage the officials from the South in election duties as they had been sent with the intention of rigging votes. They also said that the President’s visit to the North was for the purpose of grabbing votes. Some pro-LTTE web-sites carried the news on the day of the election that the ballot boxes had been made void. TNA also said that the government was planning to break the statue of King Sangilian and in its place a statue of Buddhist monk was going to be erected. They also tried to create a confrontation with the government security forces naming some as student organizations. Election results have proved that all these allegations as false and baseless. Though the opponents have won the elections through sheer mud slinging and false allegations, there is a section of our society who understand what really has been defeated is the development of our people.

Douglas Devananda, Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development and Secretary General of EPDP having partaken at a media discussion at his official premises again thanked His Excellency the President, Basil Rajapakse, Minister of Economic Development and other Minister’s for extending their support to him in visiting the north.

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