Land of the criminals & home of the Grease Devils

Grease devils are nothing other than State Terrorism turned into State Witchcraft.

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by Subramaniam Masilamany
(The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to,the Sri Lanka Guardian)

(August 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka; the politics of Grease devils and the lame duck Rajapaksa. Grease devils are not a class or a family or a genera or a species of animals, these are corrupt and criminal people who are disguised as fear mongers and trouble makers with the blessing of the Rajapaksa siblings. If the grease devils are of local and ordinary civilians in origin the law enforcement would have definitely brought them under control. But when this idea was the brain child of Rajapaksas especially that of Gothabaya Rajapaksa, there is not much the law enforcement can do. In fact when these Grease Devils were apprehended by local people, the law enforcement was sent to free them. That call came from no one other than Gothabaya Rajapaksa.

One wonders why Gothabaya should make life difficult for his older brother Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is suspected that Gothabaya and Mahinda are at odds these days for they are trying to save their heads because Mahinda and Gothabaya are facing international investigation of genocide and human rights violations. In fact the rumour mill is that Gothabaya wants to oust his brother and take over the power. He thinks Mahinda has chickened out. The military is under the control of Gothabaya and Mahinda knows it too. But this is futile attempt for both are wanted for Human Rights violation along with few others such as Shavendra Silva, Jagath Dias etc.

It is not clear what the purposes of Grease Devils are and the end game is. Is it a way to continue the emergency regulations and is it a ploy by Gothabaya to oust his brother Mahinda. Mahinda is also facing health and marital problems. The rumour that he solicited the services of a call girl in London, England seems to gather momentum. Mahinda’s son Namal Rajapaksa is also accused of running a prostitution ring, bringing village girls and offering to tourist. Some one said Sri Lanka is the biggest prostitution joint in the world. Why would a village girl not consent when she can make about 40,000 rupees in a day what a top class civil servant makes in one month? Life is good at least till some communicable disease catches up to her. But then Sri Lanka is the only nation in the world that has a designated hospital for sexually transmitted diseases in the village Katugastota in the city of Kandy, We also suspect that one of such lady was recruited to the foreign services and she is presently a High Commissioner in one of the western nations. Imagine all Foreign Service men are armed thugs and all women are hookers!

All these are happening is Sri Lanka under the watch full eyes of the United Nations and the Human rights council. Sri Lanka is sending 5 representatives to defend their nation. But why should the international bodies listen to words and when the deeds are express evidence of a defunct administration and a law less society. Why would not China and Russia in the name of Humanity support the United Nations? Sri Lanka is going around the world telling that murders are okay and are forgettable and forgivable. Forgivable may be, forgettable not a chance. That we Tamils will neither compromise nor bargain. Mr. Ban Ki Moon vested with the divine job as the Secretary General is having moral issue and his moral compass is deflected. He needs to brush up his moral code of ethics, may be Marcus Aurelius can help him to reclaim his moral value, moral compass and moral direction.

Democracy does not depend on constitution written on a paper, it is written in hearts and minds of the people who underrated that in our own self interest we have to maintain a civil and odrely society. Every one obeys the norm, rituals, culture and finally the written code of conduct. It is in our hearts and minds not in written papers. Every man should obey the law, including the king, prince, prime minister and the president. In Sri Lanka, we are having a population that has been misdirected by the mindless losers, and has become a lawless country. From this lawless population was selected and elected the corrupted criminals and scoundrels to the seat of power. These scoundrels have converted the law enforcement into a crime enforcement brigade; these devils have in turn, turn the nation inexorably into a Somalia.

Sixty years ago, soon after independence, this nation of Sri Lanka took turn for the worst. Violence, criminality, racism, fanaticism were the norm and tacitly and openly encouraged by the state. Today it has reached a threshold and point of inflexion and has now gained its own life and propagation. It is darting inexorably towards total disarray and disaster. In the 13-14 century the Europeans reclaimed this land from the then savages, it may have to be done again by the Asians and Americans. China, Russia, India, Pakistan and Iran should be blamed for degrading this once Jewel of the Indian Ocean into a Jungle of the Grease Devils.

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