Beware Of Western Imperialism

| by S. L. Gunasekara

(October 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The foul and wholly unforgivable murder and subsequent desecration of the corpse of Muammar Al Gadaffi horrified virtually the whole world – that murder was particularly horrifying to Sri Lanka because Gadaffi was a true friend of Sri Lanka, namely `a friend in need’. It would be recalled and must never ever be forgotten that when the sanctimonious affluent western nations such as United States and Great Britain strained every nerve, muscle and fibre of their beings to prevent us from liberating our country from the cancer of terrorism by starving us of funds – i.e. by preventing the IMF from giving us the standby facility of some US $ 500,000,000/-, it was Gadaffi who came to our aid by offering us money. It was only thereafter that the IMF agreed to give us that facility.

Although the western nations now make a hue and cry about the manner in which Gadaffi was murdered and the manner in which his body was desecrated and call for inquiries in respect of that, one would have to be a complete imbecile to be fooled and/or deceived by such transparently fraudulent devices adopted by the West to whitewash its manifold sins.

These belated cries of horror from the West are, not so strangely, completely at odds with the earlier reactions of their leaders like the modern `Uncle Tom’, namely, Barak Obama, David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy who exhibited nothing but `triumphalism’ and limitless joy about the murder of Gaddafi with Sarkozy and Cameron making plans to appropriate to themselves [i.e to Britain and France] such of the oil wealth of Libya as they could. The Modern `Uncle Tom’, Barak Obama, on the other hand hailed the death of Gaddafi as heralding the liberation of Libya and actually boasted about how the forces of NATO which he unashamedly still claims to have intervened to save civilian lives (!!) achieved their objective which ended with the death of Gaddafi without putting a single American soldier on the soil of Libya.

He was actually boasting about how the forces of NATO murdered Libyans and destroyed their property on their soil from safe positions several thousand feet in the air – i.e. shooting, bombing and destroying Libyan human beings and property like clay pigeons at a shooting gallery with no risk to the shooters. One does wander whether this ‘Uncle Tom’ would made a similar boast about how one other notorious American war criminal Harry S Truman caused to be committed genocide of the Japanese people by slaughtering hundreds and thousands of Japanese civilians of all ages and genders without endangering a single American soldier by dropping atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the safe `haven’ of their aircraft several thousand feet up in the air. No doubt this ‘Uncle Tom’ would be proud of that endeavour.

Be that as it may, America and its partners in crime in NATO have good reason to be glad and indeed to rejoice about the furore caused over the manner of the death of Gaddafi and the desecration of his corpse – for it DIVERTS THE ATTENTION OF THE WORLD FROM THE IMPERIALIST DESIGNS OF THE AFFLUENT COUNTRIES OF THE WEST AND AMERICA IN PARTICULAR WHICH SEEK ABOVE ALL TO SUBDUE AND SUBJECT ALL POORER AND WEAKER COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD to their will, to interfere to their hearts content in their internal affairs and to be the arbiter of what is right and wrong for them and for all peoples on this earth.

These intentions of this modern ‘Uncle Tom’s’ country and the other Caucasian States have been more than amply manifested by their wholly unconscionable acts of commission and omission.

Let us for the moment examine the salient features their on going campaign in the recent past:-

a) They, led by the United States with its obedient lapdog the once ‘Great’ Britain invaded Iraq and lynched its Head of States Saddam Hussein after hunting him and his family (in a way akin to that in which the so called English ‘gentlemen’ hunt the harmless fox) on the proven fraudulent pretext that there were in Iraq, weapons of mass destruction. It must here be remembered that both United States and the once ‘Great’ Britain indisputably did have weapons of mass destruction in their respective armories. However, they used the fraudulent pretext of there being such weapons in Iraq when there were none to go to that country, slaughter over a million of its citizens with state of the art weaponry, most of which was fired from aboard ships and aircraft far from the reach of the Iraqi defenders of their land, laid waste that country and occupied it for about a decade.

Clearly, the Western aggression against Iraq had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction but had everything to do with their desire to target and murder Saddam Hussein who would neither bow down to them nor do their bidding like an obedient servant.

It is now evident that the US soldiers on the soil of Iraq enjoyed immunity from the legal process of Iraq which is something that could only be enjoyed, not justly, but by force of arms, by an army of occupation. The fact that the modern ‘Uncle Tom’ Barak Obama has now decided to pull out all American troops from Iraq before the end of the year because the Iraqi government has decided to end that outrageous immunity and to make Americans subject to the laws and the law enforcement agencies of that Country like anybody else on its soil shows the extent of his delusion that America and its citizens are some super beings who are above the laws of other Countries even when they commit crimes on their soil !!.

b) When the Saudi Arabian Osama Bin Laden committed some acts of terrorism in the United States which, compared to the acts of terrorism committed by Prabhakaran and the Tigers in Sri Lanka, become like some scuffles at a children’s tea party, the United States together with its co- conspirators/lap dogs in NATO and the West invaded a third country, Afghanistan, slaughtered Afghans and Pakistanis on the pretext of fighting terrorism while, on the other hand, protecting the Tiger terrorists in Sri Lanka and later `invaded’ Pakistan in stealth and secrecy and murdered Bin Laden after capturing him alive in Pakistan.

c) Later when the citizens of countries of the Middle East who had been under the jackboots of dictators commenced rebelling in Tunisia and then Egypt, and America found to its delight that their bete noire Gaddafi was facing the same fate, they sent their aircraft to destroy the forces of Gaddafi on the fraudulent pretext that they were doing so to save civilians. If their purpose was to save civilians, the question arises how those very forces (an unmanned Drone of the United States and some French fighter craft) bombed a convoy of vehicles of Gaddafi fleeing for their lives. How civilians could be saved by bombing some human beings fleeing for their lives is beyond comprehension to any reasonable man. The reason for the West’s invasion of Libya is therefore obvious. It was to target their bete noire Gaddafi and see him murdered and not any kind of concern that they purported to have for civilians. If as the United States and their co-conspirators such as their lapdogs Great Britain and France seek to make out, they were only concerned about saving civilians how is it that same concern did not affect or motivate them when the Americans and the French were slaughtering Vietamese civilians in Vietnam, Cambodian civilians in Cambodia, when the American puppets the Duvaliers were slaughtering civilians in Haiti, or, if they were concerned about democracy and human rights why they did not launch a similar campaign against their puppets in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen to name but a few?

d) While going through the cosmetic measure of banning the LTTE they sought to control Sri Lanka and to prevent us from liberating ourselves from the cancer of terrorism by seeking to bludgeon us into committing national suicide by having another set of peace talks by declaring another disastrous ceasefire and engaging in so called "peace talks" with the LTTE while knowing full well that engaging in such a measure would only give the LTTE a new lease of life. Why did they do this? The answer is clear, for one thing, each of those countries has a significant number of Tamils sympathetic to the LTTE living and having voting rights in those countries, and secondly if Sri Lanka freed itself of terrorism as it was obviously about to do, the influence of the West on Sri Lanka would decline into insignificance.

e) If indeed the United States and other western countries were really concerned about justice and decency, how is it that they never intervened or sought to support us against India (one of the biggest markets of the rapacious west) WHEN INDIA, AGAINST ALL NORMS OF CIVILIZED CONDUCT TRAINED, ARMED AND EQUIPPED SEPARATIST TAMIL TERRORISTS TO MURDER SRI LANKANS ON SRI LANKAN SOIL AND DESTROY OUR PROPERTY;

f) How is it that when India, by as outrageous a step as could have been taken by an allegedly friendly neighbour professing friendship to a smaller country like Sri Lanka unforgivably intimidated Sri Lanka into stopping our offensive against Tigers when we were on the verge of victory in 1987 AND THEREBY CAUSED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS AND MUTILATIONS OF OUR CITIZENS THAT FOLLOWED BECAUSE OF CONTINUOUS TIGER TERRORISM FROM 1987 TO 2009, NONE OF THESE WESTERN COUNTRIES WITH PURPORTED CONCERNS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS JUSTICE AND EQUITY INTERVENED OR RAISED EVEN A WHISPER OF PROTEST ON OUR BEHALF ???

g) Even today, one finds these western countries with their hands dripping with blood and reeking with filth and perfidy demanding international Tribunals to investigate the internal affairs of Sri Lanka such as the conduct of our own armed forces in the last days of the war while making no such request of whatever nature for any kind of investigation, national or international into their own conduct in invading the Islamic countries such as, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan and encouraging and supporting tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka?

All this, to my mind shows a distinct pattern of these western states taking seriously the stupid concepts of the long dead Rudyard Kipling about the alleged "White Man’s Burden" and using that pretext to further their hegemonic ambitions to control the entire world.

It is time that we in Sri Lanka as well as all other endangered nations – those nations which are small, poorer and/or less powerful than the United States and its cohorts woke up and banded together to resist their fell designs and maintain our independence and sovereignty despite whatever the rapacious west may seek to do to them and us.

One of our main tasks in this endeavour would be to sideline and/or ignore the fifth columnists in our land, namely the acolytes of the West, particularly in those Non- Governmental Organizations which are funded by the Western Countries and to convert India which is fast becoming a client state of the West to see the light and become aware that these affluent Western Countries will use it and then cast it aside like a used condom because to the West, principles are things that matter not one whit, and all that matters is expedience and the acquisition of power and wealth..