The Daily Tawar circulation stops in provincial capital of Balochistan

Despite the limited resources Daily Tawar continues its publication for seven years

| by Our Special Correspondent in Balochistan

(October 03, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) After censored ship from intelligence agencies for seven years Daily Tawar circulation stopped in the provincial capital of Balochistan. According to the sources a leading Urdu newspaper in Balochistan has been threats by Pakistani intelligence agencies for several times in order to stop its publication but it didn’t. daily tawar Editor in chief” Khadam Lehdi in a an interview stated that he for too many times was threatened by Pakistani intelligence agencies for leaving daily Tawar”

Daily Tawar a leading Urdu newspaper despite the limited sources not only continues its publication but also followed the real function of mass media.
It should be noted that before some days Tawar head office in Karachi was surrounded by Pakistani intelligence agencies for many days, working journalists were life threatened and supply of electricity cut by intelligence agencies to head office in Karachi. Latest sources from Quetta said after Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agencies lives threatens to working journalists of Tawar; they are using different tactics to pressurize staff, , News agents and printing offices to stop working for Daily Tawar. After their useless efforts intelligence agencies now planned to intimidate tawar’s with their pressure tactics, they now choose to physically abolish the Newspaper, its staff and news agents.

According to the editor of Daily Tawar” Yesterday notorious Pakistani intelligence agencies in the provincial capital of Balochistan pressurized the news agents and newspaper seller to stop selling Daily Tawar; in case of denying they will be responsible for their lives.

Daily Tawar a leading Urdu newspaper despite the limited sources not only continues its publication but also followed the real function of mass media. Tawar despite several threats from pressure group continues serving Baloch nation for seven years but it may not anymore because of rotten situation in Balochistan” said Khadam Lehdi Baloch”

Daily Tawar in its today’s publication wrote” pressure on Tawar newspaper has increased, working journalists of Tawar including news agents and burro chiefs in provincial capital of Balochistan; are life threatened and circulations of leading paper in Quetta has been stopped today. A student from Balochistan university on the bet of anonymity said” we in this modern era are deliberately being deprived by Pakistani intelligence agencies to know the current situation in Balochistan”.

However Mr. Lehdi editor of daily Tawar said now intelligence agencies after threatening me many times; now pressurizing the staff and news agents of Daily Tawar. There are almost 120 reporters, correspondents and news agents working for daily Tawar at various places of Balochistan, their lives are in danger. Tawar staffs including people of Balochistan once again urge the Reporter without Borders, International Association of Journalists, International Union of Journalists, Union of Journalists, and including national and international organizations to call emergency meetings, make commissions’ in order to save hundreds of journalists in Balochistan.