The hypocrisy of East or the putting the blame on other

| by Dr. Edward Perera
Letters to Editor

(October 31, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is quite interesting to see how the pro and anti Mahinda Rajapakse regime people in the country have got themselves divided into two main groups and resort to having bitter arguments.

The group that defends the Sri Lanakan government has become sentimental in the nature of supporting their blunt arguments while the opposite groups try to bring the facts to light enabling impartial readers and listeners to draw their own conclusions.

One thing is clear. It is highly beneficial to the people who praise the ruling faction as they can try their luck to enjoy government granted privileges. But sooner or later they would realize that these perks are not meant for everyone who praises the ruling lot.

Over 40,000 people sat for the Korean language test recently and only less than one fourth got through it. Beside the fact that they all were cramming hard and dreaming of an overseas job, only a very small number out of this 9000 odd successful applicants will have the real luck to win this chance. They are the cream of henchmen of the ruling lot.

I took this above mentioned example just to explain how pathetic the situation is in Sri Lanka even for the pro government people. Purely on merits or performance, no candidate would achieve his or her goal.

The people live with hopes, I would rather say with illusions have no other option than saying yes to the system, no matter how corrupt it is. Some go beyond this “yes” and try to find “potential” or “possible” enemies outside Sri Lanka as it could bring more lucrative benefits for them in a competitive manner. Still they are not the last group that will become disenchanted with the rulers as some spiritless cowards would continue their unconditional support till last moment. They belong to the really sick group and will not even have the chance or time to jump on the next band wagon as it will be too late for them.

Of course, Sri Lanka has enemies everywhere in the World. Just pointing a lifeless finger to West would cause more problems than what we have at the moment. The rulers are not blind to identify the real enemy within but they only turn the blind eye to the enemy at home. Why? Inattentively, it is the most conspicuous way to distract people from domestic issues.

I would say, not only the present government but the whole political system or the process is degenerated in Sri Lanka. It started long ago in the post independence era and the present President too learnt all his survival strategies and tactics during this period. He was just another fellow-runner. The question is; can he change the society? I say no. Why? It is too dangerous for him.

Is there any potential way to rescue the system and protect the country? Yes! How? Not to distract people from real issues just for the sake of survival but to be honest and accountable for one’s actions. It will definitely lead to good governance.