What was Liam Fox thinking?

(October 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Commenting on the ongoing furore surrounding Liam Fox over the Werrity affair Fred Carver, Campaign Director for the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice said,

"This is not the first time the Defense Secretary’s conduct and judgment has been called into questioned in relation to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is but one of a number of backdrops in the current political storm, but the media attention on Fox has also highlighted his attitude to the country, an attitude that seems to run counter to the prevailing government line.

"Fox’s official visit with Adam Werrity in July this year, shortly after the airing of Channel 4’s ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ documentary, was condemned by many. It came at a time when the international community was waking up to the full horror of what had happened on the island during the 2009 conflict.

"This year Britain seems to be hardening its attitude toward Sri Lanka, with William Hague and David Cameron setting an end of year deadline for the Sri Lankan government to act and progress on investigating war crimes. It was also a British broadcaster, Channel 4, who sourced and made public the damning video evidence of war crimes. Yet Fox seems intent on cordiality with the Sri Lankan government.

"As with much in this situation, his current attitude to Sri Lanka and seemingly wilfull ignorance of his government’s stance and the wider problems there begs the question of his visit: ‘What was Liam Fox thinking?"

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