Can we trust the Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies?

l by Shenali Waduge

(08 July, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Would it be wrong to say that the pharmaceutical industry thrives on the existence and continuation of diseases? Is it not because of the existence of diseases and health “issues” that the pharmaceutical industry is able to make over USD500billion annually? Is it possible that the pharmaceutical companies do not really want to eradicate diseases like cancer, AIDS etc so that their multi-billion dollar markets will thrive? Is it not for these reasons that the pharmaceutical industry is quick to patent synthetic drugs to make profits from patent fees and are these synthetic molecules not responsible for the toxicity and high death rate to those prescribed to take these drugs? Is the pharmaceutical industry not guilty of infiltrating all sectors of society that influence the public so as to cover their fraud? Does the pharmaceutical industry not lavish money on any and all people and institutions from making public the lies and frauds in the pharmaceutical industry? Are the pharmaceutical industry not guilty of preferring patented drugs over promoting vitamins, micronutrients and other natural health remedies because they cannot be patented and they are a curse to their business?

It is natural for anyone to be disturbed when falling ill. It is natural too that we run to the doctors to obtain treatment for a symptom. We however have little desire to seek the cause and prefer to only seek relief for the discomfort. Scientists and medical practitioners are all employed into the system whether they like it or not. But as healers the doctors have a larger role to play on behalf of the sick they treat – simply writing prescriptions is not what it means to be a doctor.

The pharma industry has been an organized enterprise to feed upon the health and lives of every human on Earth. The pharma industry thrives because it has stakes in key international bodies, trade associations, politics and government and has been able to through money control the media and even the medical world as well.

How can the health industry carry out social responsibility programs when every day millions of people are eternally facing health issues that require them to be ever dependent on drugs? Drugs taken to remedy a problem ends up with the patient having to take several other drugs to counter the after-effects.

How the Pharmacy business started

“Philanthropy” has become a convenient means to enjoy tax havens just as “charities” have come to discover. That was how the Rockefeller Foundation was formed after the US Supreme Court found the Rockefellers guilty of corruption and illegal business in 1911. The Foundation took reigns of the health care sector in the US and spread globally – donations of patented pharmaceutical drugs to medical schools, hospitals led to the emergence of companies and manufacturers of these synthetic drugs – all ending up pawns. Competition was created and with it emerged the pharmaceutical cartel led by Rockefellers in the US and I. G Farben in Germany whose ties to Hitler ensured all chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries of countries invaded by Hitler were assigned to the Farben empire and these patented substances were tried on inmates of the concentration camps. Defeat of Hitler meant Farben’s shares went to the Rockefeller trust (USA), the Rothschilds and JP Mogan (UK). Just read the history to confirm which will reveal that at the Nuremberg Trials 24 managers from BASF, Hoechst and Bayer were charged with war crimes “without I.G.Farben, 2nd World War would not have been possible” (US Chief Prosecutor Telford Taylor - 1947). However, the I G Farben managers were soon released and Fritz Ter Meer became the Chairman of Bayer in 1963. The pharma cartel members included Nestle, Pet Milk, M W Kellogg Co, General Mills, Carnation, Borden, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), Squibb and Sons, Bristol Meyers, Proctor and Gamble, Roche, Whitehall laboratories, Hoechst and Beyer and Co. These information are all available on the internet.

The Rockefeller empire together with Chase Manhattan Bank own half of America’s pharmaceutical interests and both control the largest drug manufacturing business in the world. The elites own the world’s 2 largest industries – arms industry and pharmaceutical.

It’s all about controlling the world and its people and digressing from the subject of pharmaceuticals, the Rockefellers influenced the creation of the United Nations to seize political control. The World Health Organization was to control the drugs and the World Trade Organization was to handle the arms and global oil. Using governments as their mouthpieces, the Rockefellers launched a program to outlaw vitamin therapies and other natural non-patentable health methods in UN member nations. The strategy was simple - to ensure billions of people were on pills sufficient to cover the symptoms but never to ever cure any disease or illness.

Pharmaceutical Frauds

In a landmark court ruling, a US court has fined British drug-maker GlaxoSmithKline $3billion for health care fraud involving 10 drugs. 

Promoting 1. Paxil (Seroxat /Paroxetine) an anti-depressant for children and adults raised concerns about suicide risk. The drug has generated a tenth of their entire revenue.

Promoting 2. Wellbutrin for attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, obesity, sexual dysfunction and anxiety as it wasn’t safe and effective.

Safety problems related to 3. Avandia (rosiglitazone) - for diabetes as it raised the risk of heart attacks and heart failure. Avandia is linked to over 100,000 heart attacks in the US. US Senate committee investigation has revealed that GSK had tried to prevent heart attack warnings from being printed on their product box.

4. Lamictal
5. Zofran
6. Imitrex
7. Lotronex
8. Flovent
9. Valtrex
10. Advair

  • In 2006, US court asked GSK to pay $14m to resolve allegations that California state programs paid inflated prices for GSKs anti-depressant drug Paxil because it wanted to block generic versions entering the market.
  • GSK has also pleaded guilty in 2007, New Zealand on 15 charges relating to misleading conduct under Fair Trading Act on blackcurrant fruit drink Ribena as consumers have been misled about the high levels of vitamin C as very little vitamin C was inside (only 7mg).
  • GSK has also been accused by AIDS Healthcare Foundation of not increasing production of anti-AIDS drug AZT despite demand in Africa.
  • In 2010 the US Justice Dept announced GSK would pay $150m in criminal fines and $600m in civil penalties for producing adulterated drugs in Puerto Rico. GSK is also accused of being involved in the oil-for-food program and is accused of paying bribes to Saddam Hussein.
  •  AstraZeneca, Inc. had to pay $280 million in civil penalties and $63 million in criminal penalties to the federal government because it paid kickbacks to doctors for promoting its prostate cancer drug
  • In 2009 Pfizer paid USD2.3billion for illegally marketing 4 types of drugs (Pfizer had made over USD180billion selling 12 kinds of drugs). The discovery came after Pfizer representative selling Bextra said he was trained to lie to physicians.
  • Novartis paid $422.5m in criminal and civil penalties for promoting illegal use of epilepsy drug TRILEPTAL, DIOVAN, EXFORGE, TEKTURNA, ZELNORM, SANDOSTATIN and illegal marketing efforts paying kickbacks to physicians (board memberships, entertainment, travel, meals) and encouraging them to prescribe more of these drugs.
  • NOVARTIS and several other major pharmaceutical companies have been charged illegally marketing drugs for off-label use.
  • Forest Laboratories Inc paid $313m over its use of LEVOTHROID thyroid drug.
  • ALLERGAN Inc paid $600m over its drug BOTOX.
  • ASTRAZENECA was fined $520m for misleading doctors and patients about the safety of its anti-psychotic drug SEROQUEL.
  • ELI LILLY paid $1.4b for its promotion of anti-psychotic drug ZYPREXA.
  • Pfizer paid $2.3billion for marketing painkiller BEXTRA, psychiatric drug GEODON, antibiotic ZYVOX and epilepsy drug LYRICA.
Another common fraud in the pharmaceutical industry is off-label marketing a technique used to advise doctors to prescribe drugs for unapproved uses.

US health care industry is a 300billion dollar industry. Despite paying over $8billion in fraud fines, drug makers in the US are thriving. Pfizer makers of drugs that help arthritis has paid $3billion in fines since 2002. Merck has paid $1.6billion in fines since 2008 for not paying proper rebates to the Government. It is no secret that the pharmaceutical industry has been involved in fraud, corruption and kickbacks to doctors. One such example of a doctor prescribing a drug unapproved by US authorities is a lawsuit filed against Johnson and Johnson against Risperdal (for psychiatric illness) a drug which ended up with the patient in a wheelchair with diabetes and Parkinsons. Johnson and Johnson is also been investigated for using Risperdal in children even those with ADHD.

The US has introduced a law called Qui Tam which allows individuals to bring a legal case on fraud on behalf of the government and share the proceeds. There are over 1000 Qui Tam cases in US and they are exposing the drug industry.

Be Aware of These Drugs

The drugs to be careful of are many. Of the antidepressants – Prozac, Paxil, Celexa and Zoloft cause suicidal tendencies and increases depression. The US FDA issued warnings in 2008 for drugs such as carbamazapine (brand names Tegretol, Equetro), Gabapentin (Neurontin), Lamotrigine (Lamictal), Topiramate (Topamax), Valproate (Depakote) given for children and adults for mood control in fact increased suicidal tendencies.

Foscarnet put into heart or eyes of a patient when dropped on a nurses tights dissolved the tights immediately – eventually patients taking Foscarnet ended up with epilepsy, blindness and dementia.

Drugs like Ritalin and Adderall given to children will soon see them under potential health risk. In the US, 4.5m are said to be diagnosed with ADHD – possibly and probably misdiagnosis but the tendency to put these children on drugs and have their lives ruined has left millions of Americans mentally ill and victims of the pharmaceutical industry just as there are billions of victims the world over.

The following is a list of drugs which were passed as safe for human consumption on the back of animal tests and the damage which they subsequently caused:

  • Eraldin (for heart disease) – Corneal damage including blindness.
  • Paracetamol (painkiller) – 1,500 people had to be hospitalised in Great Britain in 1971.
  • Orabilex – caused kidney damages with fatal outcome.
  • MEL/29 (anti-hypertensive) – caused cataracts.
  • Methaqualone (hypnotic) – caused severe psychic disturbances leading to at least 366 deaths, mainly through murder or suicide.
  • Thalidomide (tranquilliser) – caused 10,000 malformed children.
  • Isoproterenol (asthma) – caused 3,500 deaths in the sixties.
  • Stilboestrol (prostate cancer) – caused cancer in young women.
  • Trilergan (anti-allergic) – caused viral hepatitis.
  • Flamamil (rheumatism) – caused loss of consciousness.
  • Phenformin (diabetes) – caused 1,000 deaths annually until withdrawn.
  • Atromid S (cholesterol) – caused deaths from cancer, liver, gallbladder and intestinal disease.
  • Valium (tranquilliser) – addictive in moderate doses.
  • Preludin & Maxiton (diet pills) – caused serious damage to the heart and the nervous system.
  • Nembutal (insomnia) – caused insomnia.
  • Pronap & Plaxin (tranquilliser) – killed many babies.
  • Phenacetin (painkiller) – caused severe damages to kidneys and red blood corpuscles.
  • Amydopyrine (painkiller) – caused blood disease.
  • Marzine (nausea) – damaged children.
  • Reserpine (anti-hypertensive) – increased risks of cancer of the brain, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, skin and women's breasts.
  • Methotrexate (leukaemia) – caused intestinal haemorrhage, severe anaemia and rumours.
  • Urethane (leukaemia) – caused cancer of liver, lungs and bone marrow.
  • Mitotane (leukaemia) – caused kidney damage.
  • Cyclophosphamide (cancer) – caused liver and lung damage.
  • Isoniazid (tuberculosis) – caused liver destruction.
  • Kanamycin (tuberculosis) – caused deafness and kidney destruction.
  • Chloromycetin (typhoid) – caused leukaemia, cardiovascular collapse and death.
  • Phenolphthalein (laxative) – caused kidney damage, delirium and death.
  • Clioquinol (diarrhoea) – caused blindness, paralysis and death.
  • DES (prevent miscarriage) – caused birth defects and cancer.
  • Debendox (nausea) – caused birth defects.
  • Accutane (acne) – caused deafness and kidney destruction.

(Taken from Vivisection: Science or Sham by Dr. Roy Kupsinel, and Naked Empress by Hans Ruesch)

Fake Drugs

There is nothing to be surprised over the fact that there are plenty of fake drugs in the market. The surge in fake drugs has been the high price of the original drugs giving incentive for drug companies to illegally manufacture generic pills and offer to Third World nations by pharmacies who do not know what they are selling. In 2001, 192,000 patients died by taking fake drugs in China!

Why is the pharmaceutical industry refusing to promote medicine by their generic name instead of the brand names? Reality is that genuine branded drugs are no different to non branded “generic” drugs – neurofen and ibuprofen are the same.

None of these drugs end up “miracle cures” because none of the worlds ills have lessened – even vaccinations affect the immune system. All that’s eventually left is fake cures and false hopes.

Let it not miss anyone’s attention that a selected group of elite people together control the food, the water, the pharmaceutical and the arms industry and they are advocating population control, mind control through the drugs given and eventually the colonial strategy of divide and rule while they are becoming richer and richer as a result.

Is it surprising that the numbers of people suffering mentally is increasing by the day and their conditions have never got any better! These psychiatric drugs only disrupt the function of the brain and mind and they do more harm than good.

Partners in crime has been the food industry with processed foods high in sugar creating further behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. Let us not forget the high levels of pesticides that we end up eating and the suffering to poor farmers in Third World countries by UNs endorsement of Codex Alimentarius.

It should then come as no surprise that doctors today are unable to diagnose illnesses and prefer to subject patients to enormous amounts of scans and tests and pass the patients from one doctor to another – each step a win for the pharmaceutical industry.

Why would doctors jump to declare individuals as suffering from disorders and prescribe dangerous and mind-altering drugs as a solution?

Kickbacks to Doctors

It is the pharmaceutical industry that controls the health of the world. 40% of funds to the WHO comes from the pharmaceutical industry and it is their desires that is practiced in all developing countries. Doctors are made to financially rely on sponsoring giving by drug companies – it is common knowledge that drug companies sponsor medical schools, doctors. All literature given to the GP from drug sales reps has meant that they know little of the chemicals they are giving to patients.

In 2009 drug companies published payments to physicians. A few companies had paid doctors over USD200million. Doctors however argue that they are doing nothing wrong as they see it as gratitude for the service they give to patients. Little do they realize that the drugs they are prescribing are giving little or no relief to the patients and more often than not patients find themselves in worse situations. It has become easy to target doctors especially in Third World nations whose fondness for private practice and channeling gives them not only extra income from patients but from pharmaceutical companies whose drugs they are more than willing to prescribe.

Doctors are guilty of prescribing drugs by trade name netting greater profits for the favored company whilst cheaper versions are available to the patient and patients have to use their wisdom to ask the pharmacist whether there are equivalent and cheaper drugs available. Paracetamol and Asprin come in many forms and are prescribed under different brand names but though they vary in price they are the exact same formula. Patients presume they are paying higher prices for better quality when in fact the drugs irrespective of the price is the same.

Curing AIDS and Cancers

Contrary to what the pharmaceutical industry would have us believe – disease is not an inevitable part of life. The pharmaceutical industry has also scoffed at the natural remedies and cures that have been carried over centuries and managed to make people doubt the effects of these remedies in the modern context and have people hooked on to drugs.

AIDS is said to be transferred through sexual contact via semen and blood. It is also passed through intravenous means by needle-sharing drug users and infected blood transfusions. However, 500 scientists world-wide are convinced that AIDS is not caused by HIV because there are people with AIDS without HIV and those with HIV positive do not have AIDS. However, patients said to suffer from AIDS are put onto highly toxic drugs such as AZT, DDI and Septrin. AZT however kills T-cells, B-cells, red cells in fact all cells and wipes out DNA leading to death. AIDS is not the killer it is AZT. AZT is marketed by Wellcome as Retrovir developed to treat cancer. But patients diagnosed with HIV positive are told they have no choice but to take the drugs prescribed. However AZT patient leaflet gives only 3 examples of side effects – anaemia, headaches and sickness.
Please read Dr. Robert E. Wilners book “Deadly Deception : The Proof that Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS”.

There are medically proven cures for cancer – ESSIAC has been used since 1922 with no adverse side effects and made from 4 common herbs. Yet it is only available through virtually underground outlets worldwide. It may be useful to find out more about ESSIAC if it can provide a cure for cancer.

Treatment of cancer is a business that annually accounts for USD200billion a year in the US. Why do oncologists with cancer refuse chemotherapy – because they know it is ineffective and toxic, but why do they advise patients to take chemo? Why do mammograms harm women more than help them – mammograms actually increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer by irradiating breast cells and triggering breast cancer? The best way to test breast cancer is from saliva. Why is the natural anti-cancer vitamin (cesium chloride, an alkaline mineral) banned in the US? Pharmaceutical companies pay oncologists kickbacks to promote high-priced but ineffective cancer drugs – oncologists make money not be treating patients but by selling cancer drugs.

Another ugly side of the pharmaceutical industry is that patients who are categorized as dangerous waste are quickly sealed and cremated for hygiene reasons and no autopsy is made. The pharmaceutical industry appears to be making a mockery of French scientist Pasteur whose germ theory still remains the standard working model for understanding microbes in the body. When antibiotics are taken we are only killing the microbes and opening our bodies to different forms of disease.

Oxygen and Ozone therapy has also been proved to cure cancer and AIDS. Since the majority of germs are anaerobic (survive without oxygen) if a persons’ bloodstream is flooded with oxygen these organisms cannot survive. Oxygen exists in the air, water and foods such as carbohydrates. However with the impact upon environment and its effects on trees and plants we are loosing out on much needed oxygen. However foods that release oxygen in the form of hydrogen peroxide when taken in diluted form or applied to wounds is a perfect antiseptic and healer. Try this out. Underlying message is that disease can be eliminated by oxygen therapy since it boosts the immune system making our bodies healthy and disease does not exist in a healthy body. Medical ozone therapy has been far more productive than prescription drugs. Close to 150,000 people die annually in the US from prescription drug usage.

It is natural for anyone to be disturbed when falling ill. It is natural too that we run to the doctors to obtain treatment for a symptom. We however have little desire to seek the cause and prefer to only seek relief for the discomfort. Scientists and medical practitioners are all employed into the system whether they like it or not. But as healers the doctors have a larger role to play on behalf of the sick they treat – simply writing prescriptions is not what it means to be a doctor. Moreover, the term R&D has meant nothing more than pharmaceutical companies working on new drugs under the theme of “revolutionizing treatment”. For this 2000 animals die per minute to carry out their experiments (250million per year).

Not all doctors are sinners but the good one’s too needless to say are subject to much harassment especially those that put patients interests first by using natural therapies. It has been reported that doctors treating malignant tumors with nutrients, her and just fasting secrets from Europe, Tibet, China and India have been subject to persecution in the US. Dr. William Kelly is a perfect example who was put into jail for discovering a natural enzyme therapy that combined with strict nutrition and detoxification “digested” pancreatic cancer cells helping 33,000 patients. Natural cures have been stopped by a directive called “Operation False Cures” by the Federal Trade Commission which aspires to wipe out natural cancer cures so that patients will take only drugs.

It may not be fashionable to follow the natural remedies practiced over centuries but if one’s health is what is important returning to these methods seems to be the only way out.

Thus there is little difficulty to conclude that pharmaceutical companies have little desire to cure disease or make us any better. They make massive profits by maintaining our ill-health and their business is to manufacture chemicals under the disguise of “therapy” and “cure” which is hardly the case. Moreover, to ensure that the pharmaceutical companies maintain their façade they are involved in international bribery corruption, fraud and kickbacks breaking more laws than terrorists. The pharmaceutical industry and their stakeholders want people to be sick and they are willing to throw their money to ensure they continue to thrive while making the world sick enough to remain on drugs.

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