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Syria: Who Is Responsible For This War Crime?

English-Subtitled Videos Show Aftermath Of Chemical Weapons Attacks

Video - Warning — graphic images !

( August 28, 2013, Damascus, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Syrian News Network, an activist network based in Syria, have added English subtitles to several videos of the aftermath of the chemical weapons attacks on several towns and villages in East and West Ghouta on August 21.

Warning — graphic images depict the reality and horror of war.

This video shows the distress of a father whose two small children have died in the attacks. The distraught father cries out in desperation to his children to wake up, as people around him try to calm him down:

This video was taken in a field hospital in the immediate aftermath of the attacks in East Ghouta. Thousands of victims flooded makeshift hospitals, some of which were set up in schools and mosques. Local medical staff — some of whom died in the attacks — reported being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of victims. Doctors also reported that stocks of medicines — particularly atropine — were depleted in treating the victims.

This video was filmed in Irbeen, East Ghouta on August 22, a day after the attacks. Local residents have lined up the bodies in a makeshift morgue, to prepare them as best they can for their burial. Many of the dead had to be buried in mass graves.

This video also shows bodies — mostly children — in Kfar Batna, lined up for burial on August 21, the day of the attacks:

This video, filmed on August 23, shows a young man from one of the towns hit by the chemical attacks, Muadamiyyat As-Shaam. Like many victims, he fled the attack site and sought medical treatment elsewhere. The man, now in Daraya, survived the attack but is paralyzed and cannot speak:

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