Sri Lanka: The beginning of the end of a distorted era  

| by Nilantha Ilangamuwa

( November 22, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Are we, as a nation, capable of hauling ourselves out of this calamity? Do we have the hidden political morality to change ourselves? Can we come up with a strategy to do what really needs at be done at this crucial time?

Regardless of the degree of devastation, any country can arise from the ashes if there is genuine political morality among those who have the capacity to make the change. Indeed, every person, man, woman or child has the capacity to rise up against the people who plunder their land in order to expel them. Every genuine human being has the capacity to rise up against tyrants that occupy their land. The fine move in changing any society must be taken by the people. It is the people who should decide the system they need.

The historic moment has delivered something which we never expected. It is political unity among the main two major political parties, UNP and SLFP. They are joining forces to fight against the tyrant.

The tyrant has spoken and expressed his intention to assay as to whether he can fool the public again. The basic notion of the Lincoln politics seems to be at work here, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

A new dawn about to open to emerge. The new dawn of correcting the history and removing the distorted political vulgarism which eliminated almost everything in the country is about to rise.

No doubt this is the golden opportunity to fulfil the liberty and freedom of all communities. Re-establishing the freedom and justice while healing the wounds of all kind is basic requirement to the nation of despair.

That can be only done if there is the political wisdom. The opportunity is here, and it needs human beings who are willing to use this opportunity wisely and genuinely.   

Somehow the nation must be thankful to the Rajapaksa clan for their greed. It is because of their voracious greed that the people have been able to rise up against them.

There has been no surprise. He has done what he was expected to do. For him neither the people, nor the country or its future are matters of concern. For him most important fact is his own future and his own belly to hold the power as long as his physical body is able to swindle the nation while selling phoney theories written in his so called “Chinthanaya”.

Does he have the capacity to win the election? He will have to make every necessary attempt including excessive usage of the military in every corner of the country, to win this battle. But the new alliance, if they win the hearts and minds not only of Sinhalese but also the Tamils and Muslims, the Rajapaksa era will end.

In any case if he wins the election, the nation will be see nothing but frustration, agony and anxiety.

This is not an election the people of this land require or are eager to have. This is his election which is wasting our taxes money and the money which can be allocated for the education, health, food and transportation. There are thousands of people displaced over poor environmental management just in the last couple of months due to the bad weather. The money can be used for those good purposes to help the people to re-start their life.

But for the tyrant his lust is more than anything.      

He has ripped off the very basic ideas of the state. Unlike other nations, in reality we have no place to call the nation but a piece of land occupied by his political ploy. We will not have the nation until and unless the land is liberated from his clutches.    

The tyrant has signed the proclamation for his desire to declare an early election, and the government gazette has gone out accordingly without mentioning the date. So, the new tamasha erupted on the every streets in the island to express the loyalty on their lawlessness leader and his clan.

The tyrant with the big moustache in traditional dress of “political opportunism” is getting ready to “win” the election by hook or by crook. As this writer has repeatedly said, elections in Sri Lanka, are nothing but a farce in which no one can exercise the very freedom to choose the leader whom they really want to govern.

In this circumstances those who are screaming for liberty and humanity to prevails in this land have to face the real challenges in a short period of time.  They are the people who can rescue the country

It is time for the nation to correct its path and regain liberty and humanity.