A short profile of honourable Maithirpala Sirisena

| by A Special Correspondent

( November 22, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today is a historical day in Sri Lankan politics. A battle begins between the forces of nepotism and democracy, between the family dictatorship and freedom and equality. Every Sri Lankan knows how MR controlled the entire government department and how MR destroyed the SLFP party. Today his ruling is trampling. one by one senior members of ruling parties are crossing over. This is good news for the democracy in Sri Lanka. Indeed, people have already begun to celebrate the dawn fall of MR domination. I think that JVP played a greater role in exposing the extent of corruption that prevails in MR and co family. Now it is the time to expose the all corruptive nature of MR family to the world so that people will know the true nature of nepotism.

It is out of true patriotism and good intention that the honourable minister came forward to save the country and its people from the clutches of MR family. We should salute him and congratulate him and it is duty of all Sri Lankan to make sure Maithripala Sirisena win the forthcoming presidential election. He took this decision with great bravery and courage. We all know how risky is this and yet, he is brave enough to sacrifice his life for the country.

I shall briefly record a short profile of our next president. This is not an extensive profile rather a brief one.

He was born on 03/09/191. He was educated at Laksha Dyana Vidyalaya & Thopa wewa Mhavidayala for his primary education and then he continued his secondary education at Royal College Polonnaruwa.

He dedicated his political life for SLFP. He is one of the most senior members of SLFP party today. He was appointed as SLFP polannaruwa district Secretary in 1979. It could be said that he started his political career early his life. In 1981 he was appointed as secretary of all Sri Lanka youth organisation. In 1983 he was appointed as Polannaruwa SLFP chief organiser. In 1983 he was appointed as chairman of SLFP central committee. He was elected as Member of Parliament from polananaruwa district in 1989. Once again he was elected as Member of Parliament for polannarauwa district in 1995. 1995 and 1997 he was appointed as deputy minister for irrigation and as cabinet minister for Mahawali development.

Again in 2001 he was elected as member of parliament for Polannaruwa district and selected as a General Secretary of SLFP. In 2004 he was elected again as Member of Parliament for the same district. Then he served as cabinet minister for mahawali and Rajarata development. In 2006 he was appointed as minister of agriculture, irrigation, Mahawali, and environment .in 2007 he served as minister of agricultural development and consequently he was appointed as leader of the House. In 2010 he was appointed as cabinet minister for health.

He was unable to function freely due to pressure inserted by MR and co on his ministerial works and duties. As heath minister he was unable take many important decisions in his department. Because, MR and family controlled almost all department. Not only him but all other senior members of Parliament are unable to work on their own and they are forced to work under immense pressure from the siblings of MR. such duress and pressure back fired and exploded today. we will see many more people defect from MR control and join with UNP to make a change in Sri Lanka.

We could see dramatic changes soon. Many more people will expose all dirty works of MR and co in politics. It is good for the country and it is good for the democracy in Sri Lanka. It is good for freedom of thought and freedom of speech. All segments of people will welcome such change. Academics, lawyers, judges, students of politics, religious groups and political parties all will welcome this move and I hope MR and co will be left out with some of their cohorts and supporters who robbed the public money and we lived on public fund.

We could see lots of murder and violence in coming days. MR and co will do whatever they could do to protect their power and family, yet, people would not approve them at all. People will protest against this family dictatorship. I’m sure Maithiripala Samisen will win the large majority because people are frustrated with MR and co family.