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Sri Lankan President Sirisena Disrespected Democracy

Sirisena is entrapped by digging the grave for longstanding democracy in Sri Lanka

by Our Political Affairs Editor
( October 29, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The political situation in Sri Lanka is more serious than anyone could imagine and the consequences could be terribly grave. This is bound to lead to the international community isolating Sri Lanka as rogue nation for denying the rights of the citizen. It is sad to say, even a time like this when the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is realistically changing the locked state policies, what we as a reputable democratic nation are doing is constraining the fundamental rights vested upon the citizen for personal political gains.

President Sirisena based on his personal judgment sacked the sitting Prime Minister Wickramasinghe and appointed his choice by claiming that his choice has the majority in parliament. But, after MrWickremesinghe claimed that he had the numbers to confirm confidence, the President prorogued Parliament– possibly to cover-up the political mayhem he had created. Newly installed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has a hard battle to get the majority of the Parliament. Unconfirmed sources say, one billion Sri Lankan Rupee per head is the minimum price offered for standing against the sitting Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. Money talks, no matter what situation the people in this country are to face.
The sitting Prime Minister by following the law and the constitution of the county quickly decided not to leave the office, and summoned diplomats and media personnel, to share his truth in relation to this drama. That was a clever and intuitively wise decision to manage the crisis situation.
President Sirisena has not only deteriorated and disrespected the ethics and norms of the Parliamentary tradition protected by Sri Lanka for decades even under grave situation due to the bloody armed conflicts and insurrections, but most seriously he has breached the constitution. He has intimidated the people’s mandate based on his selfish personal judgment. The decision he made is more a political vendetta against the sitting Prime Minister than for the good of the People of this nation and their protected democratic traditions that we have inherited and have added value to.
In his address to the nation, nearly 48 hours after the constitutional havoc he created, Sirisena attempted to justify his decision by evading to answer some of the most fundamental constitutional questions. He acted in a dictatorial manner by proving his total disregard for the mandate secured through majority of this country in 2015.
It seems like, he has no knowledge about the constitutional law and reputable democratic values this country maintained or he may be driven by the personal greed for grabbing power and securing his second term. Whatever it may be, this is a pathetic development of a leader on whom majority of people in the country placed their trust.
Prevailing constitutional crisis and political turmoil in the country will prove to be one of the most despicable decisions any leader ever made in the history of this country. Undoubtedly, President Sirisena will later experience the effects of his failures and the miscalculations he made.
We are not endorsing any of these political parties as they have all done chronic destruction to this country and her people. They have maneuvered their power not to develop the country but to plunder the national assets by abusing power. Not only the President but also sitting Prime Minister Wickramasinghe was allegedly blamed equally for wrongdoings. Not only have both of them, but most of the men around installed Prime Minister Rajapaksa including him also earned terrible reputations. But, all these issues should be solved before the court by following the due processes. No one can humiliate the mandate of the people to whitewash him or herself.
The President’s poignant action has clearly proved that he is not the person who has the commitment to uphold the rights of the citizen of this country. He is a coup-maker by abusing the executive power while ridiculing the adult franchise. He received the majority power and miscalculated his own political future. Consequences will be a far dangerous than are apparent at the moment.
Therefore, it is high time for the international community, including Sri Lankans living abroad to help the people in Sri Lanka to protect their democratic values and hard-earned no-conflict environment after the prolonged armed conflict. No one should be allowed to play with the basic rights of the citizen of this country for the sake of their own political desires.
The entire episode being played by President Sirisena is not only one of the best political case studies prevailing at global level, but also a plaintive decision based on emotions while hammering one’s hope for a better nation. His decision has even destroyed the nationalist movement blooming in the country.
Anyone who has a conscience and feelings for this nation and its prevailing deep social crisis will not endorse this sudden feeble political action of President Sirisena. Even if he wins by hook or by crook; he has already damaged the country’s reputation.
This misguided and miscalculated emotional action of President Sirisena shows his immaturity to be statesman. It is indeed sad times for this poor nation.

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