The brutal Massacre at Christchurch mosques in New Zealand

We pray for all those people who lost their lives in this brutal massacre. We also send our condolence for the families and friends of all these victims. 

by Dr SLM Rifai

This can be described as one of darkest days in Muslim migration into western countries. Since 1940s, many Muslim communities have been living in many parts of western world. It is reported that Muslim communities settled in England in late 19th century. Yet, no time in Muslim history in any western nation, the Muslim community suffered like this. This is a well-planned brutal massacre of innocent devotees in the mosques. There is no any logical or rational reason to kill people in any worshiping place. No religion in the world would accept this kind of barbarism in this modern world. To kill innocent people including children, ladies, elderly and youths randomly like this in this so-called civilised world is not acceptable at all. It is reported that 49 people have been killed and more 20 have been seriously injured. It is expected that the causality numbers may go up.

This shows that deeply rooted hatred and resentment against Muslims are still existing in some segment of western society. It would be utterly wrong to generalise this attitude and mindset. 95% people in western countries are so kind and so compassionate. They care for migration communities. They welcome migrant communities into their localities. Today, more than 30 million Muslims live in many parts of western world from Australia to Canada. The Muslim integration into western societies is gradually taking place in positive and constructive manners now than ever before. The Muslim communities in western countries today are contributing immensely in the field of business, heath, education, and in many other fields both in private and public sectors.

In fact, they have been integrating into western communities gradually and yet, some extremist far right groups across the western world do not like to see this peaceful co-existence and community harmony. Some extremist elements have been trying to harm inter-community peace and social harmony. Some time ago, some elements attacked Muslims near Finsbury Park mosque during the month of Ramadan. Many racial incidents against Muslim communities have been reported in many parts of western world in recent time. These are orchestrated against Muslim communities in order increase hatred against Muslim community and to create a sense of anti-Muslim trends against Muslim communities in many countries. This is like what Hitler did for Jewish community in Germany. All what they want to do is to create panic in the minds and hearts of Muslim communities in these countries.
Moreover, these extremist groups want to incite and provoke Muslim radical groups to damage inter-community relation between Muslims and Christian communities.

Today, Muslim communities are cleaver enough to know how to deal with this type of racial attack. They have been experiencing these kinds of extremist attacks since 9/11. Today, Muslim community leaders are working with law enforcement agents and religious leaders to maintain peace and harmony across western countries. Unlike in the past, today, the trend of extremism among Muslim youth is vanishing. In the name of war on terror, millions of Muslims have lost their lives across the Muslim world. Any kind of extremism does not produce any good at all rather it produces destruction and devastation to the humanity. After all, Islam stands for peace and community harmony. |I think that Muslim communities in the western countries will react to this incident with the sense of common sense.

Thankfully, the perpetrators of this attack have been detained and we hope police and security forces in New Zealand will deal with incident in accordance with the law of land and punish these people for their crimes. PMs in New Zealand and Australia have already condemned this attack. They all unanimously described this attack as an act of terrorism. Many Muslim political leaders also condemned this attack. In fact, all humanity must condemn this uncivilised attack. No human soul will accept this. We hope that religious leaders of all religious groups condemn this attack.

We pray for all those people who lost their lives in this brutal massacre. We also send our condolence for the families and friends of all these victims.