Launch Worldwide Anti-Terror Movement Against China

If terrorism were to be effectively put down, the countries and regimes that support the terrorists in any manner also need to be disciplined.

by N.S.Venkataraman

The terrorists are causing havoc in many countries by launching bomb attacks , killing innocent people and injuring large number of men and women. There is world wide anger against the acts of terrorism and people around the world want the terrorists to be put down at any cost,so that world will remain in peace.

Though it is mostly thought that most of the terrorists are extremists owing allegiance to Islam, terrorism also happens to settle score amongst various groups.

The latest tragedy is the death of 49 innocent people in a terrorist attack in New Zealand and also injuring large number of people. This dastardly terrorist attack has been preceded by several other similar acts in US, Canada, several European countries and in India as well as in Pakistan and other countries.. So far, the world has not been able to stop the acts of terrorism and United Nations Organisation ,which is supposed to have the responsibility to safeguard peace in the world ,virtually remains as helpless spectator.

After condemning and disapproving such acts of terrorism, finally a decisive step was taken by the United Nations Security Council to act in the matter effectively.

A resolution was moved in the sanctions committee of U N Security Council by three permanent members namely France, U K and US on February,27 to blacklist Jaish e Mohammed and term it’s leader Masood Azhar as global terrorist.. Apart from the three permanent members ,four non-permanent members –Germany,Poland,Belgium,and Equatorial Guinea. supported the proposal. Others who co-sponsored the proposal were six countries-Japan,Australia,Italy,Bangladesh Maldives and Bhutan.

A UNSC tag will subject Masood Azhar to assets freeze, travel ban and an arms embargo. An assets freeze under the Sanctions Committee requires that all states freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of designated individuals and entities.

While the above proposal reflect the mood of the world and many thought it would be a meaningful and effective step forward to put down terrorism in the world, China , a permanent member of UN Security Council, vetoed the proposal and ensured that the Jaish e Mohammed would go scot free and would not be punished.

Anyone who would support the terrorists and the terrorist organisations in any way for whatever reasons cannot be considered different from the terrorists themselves.. When China protected the well known terrorist Masood Azhar inspite of the world wide consensus that terrorist should be eliminated , it obviously means that China has sympathy for the terrorists and the terrorists would get support from the Chinese government, if it would serve its purpose..

After blocking the move of the UN Security council to blacklist the Masood Azhar as global terrorist , China has exposed itself to the world wide criticism that China has no concern about fighting against terrorism in the world. This is not the first time that China has saved Masood Azhar from being called as a global terrorist and it has consistently extended support to this much dreaded terrorist.

Obviously, the world has to fight not only against the terrorists but also the countries which support the terrorists in one way or the other. China’s claim of supporting the anti terrorism strategies is now conclusively proven to be hollow and false.

In the past, China has indulged in several acts of violence,which are not different from terrorist acts, to suppress protests in China and in occupying the neighbouring country. China’s aggression against Tibet and forcibly entering the country and indulging in massacre to gain control over the helpless Tibetan territory, is still fresh in the memory of everyone.

China seem to be under the illusion that the world has accepted it’s role in Tibet and it seems to have gained confidence that it can do any act without being concerned about the world opinion. In tune with this trend of thinking of Chinese government, China has now supported the terrorist organization Jaish e Mohammed and it’s leader Masood Azhar.

If terrorism were to be effectively put down, the countries and regimes that support the terrorists in any manner also need to be disciplined.

If terrorism were to be effectively put down, the countries and regimes that support the terrorists in any manner also need to be disciplined.

Obviously, now is the time to vigorously pursue the cause of anti terrorism in the world and in this process, a world wide anti terrorist movement against China is much needed.