American who performs the eight great merits of Buddhism

Mr Bruce Allen a.k.a. Mr Dharmadasa, performs eight great meritorious acts at a Buddhist temple in the Indiana state of the United States, recently.

The temple started some seventeen years ago under the leadership of the Chief Incumbent Ven. Thalangama Devananda Thero is undergoing a great development with the help and participation of various devotees. Not only Sri Lankans but also Americans, Burmese, Thai, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Laos, Indians, Cambodians, Filipinos, Mexicans, and Arabs are visiting this monastery to seek mental healing from Buddhism. Bruce Allen is one among them who visited the temple for searching eternal truth sometimes ago.

Bruce Allen a.k.a. Dharmadasa

Recently, he bought two acres of forest land adjacent to the Indiana Temple and made sacrificial offerings to build the meditation chambers needed by the Maha Sangha. According to Buddhism, “Help build shelter (resting place) for Buddhist monks (building temples, shelter, helping with water systems, help get electricity is also included),” is one of eight great meritorious acts.