Why We Must Guard Against Imperialism, Even Today?

The Holocaust was nothing more than a way for America to justify the war; it was what caused America to go to war against Germany. The lack of American opposition to the Holocaust is why Western countries refused to bomb the gas chambers, even while bombing other German installations near the death camps

by Jonathan Zadikany in Jeruselam 

The international genocide and mass theft that the Europeans in America and Europe used to do through colonialism and imperialism is now carried out through the establishment of military colonies/bases throughout the world that sow terror among foreign leaders, who then allow Western corporations control over their natural resources.

In Africa and the Middle East these bases are set up under the pretext of the "War on Terror".

In Asia, American military bases that were set up after the American conquest of Japan and South Korea help the West sow fear among Asian leaders, which is how the United States extorts trillions of dollars in "loans" from China and Japan, and how the U.S. upholds unjust "trade deals"; these bases also allow American corporations the ability to exploit Asian factory laborers.

The corporations and unfair "trade deals" are the modern imperialism, and American military bases around the world are the modern form of military colonies. They project American power and sow terror around the world. That is how America and Europe steal and enslave almost every nation around the world.

Those nations are the international slaves, while in America the Africans and Hispanics are the domestic slaves, and in Europe the Africans and Muslims are forced to serve in the same capacity.   

Muslim and African Suffering – Natural Resource Theft

The war on terror is an excuse to sow terror among Islamic nations in order to pressure their leadership into allowing American companies a stake in oil wells throughout the Middle East and Africa. The American terror sowed by the so called "war on terror" is also why Arab leaders have chosen to split their oil profits with European and American companies, instead of making a lot more money by selling the oil independently. 

They fear that the Europeans will do to them what the CIA and the British MI6 did to Iran in 1953, when both countries helped overthrow Iran's democratically elected leader, Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. Mosaddegh requested to audit the documents of the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and check if they were stealing. They refused. He understood that they were stealing and took back control of the oil fields, and then they overthrew him. After that, everyone else in the region understood the lesson.

Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, is just like the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in Iran, but I doubt that they will ask to audit the money books; the Saudi monarchy doesn't want to end up like Mosaddegh. Lesson learned.

That's the method of sophisticated, indirect imperialism. It's theft on a national level, that's done through local partners and in secret. The Islamic extremists in Saudi Arabia understand what's going on, which is why some of them became jihadists in the first place — it's also why they murdered foreign workers at the Riyadh compound bombings (2003) and the Khobar Massacre (2004). 

In short, American bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are military colonies that instill fear in regional leaders and subjugate them to American corporations. The bases remind everyone who is the real boss and occasionally enforce America's corporate will with military power.

Even in times of global peace, the American military has remained the main enforcer of the West's sophisticated imperialism in the Middle East, in addition to the local governments who cooperate with them out of fear that if they don’t oppress their local brethren, they will end up at the receiving end of an F16.

The Saudi monarchy's cooperation with the West is also why America didn't attack them after 9/11, even though 15 of the 19 Al-Qaeda hijackers were Saudi. Instead, America attacked Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11.

The American Military Colony Strategy is also the reason why the U.S. is still in Afghanistan, even though Osama Bin Laden was killed in 2011, and the Afghan Taliban has always stated that their goal is to repel a foreign invasion by the United States – not global jihad. The Taliban is a local Islamic movement with a domestic agenda and has never been a global jihadist organization.

The military colony strategy also targets Africa, but there it's done quietly because the countries are weaker and put up less of a fight. No fight = No media coverage.

Asian Suffering – Factory Slavery and Protection Money

The war on communism was an excuse in order to establish a foothold for American military colonies/bases in Asia. Now those nations work in factories, supplying America with quality goods at a cheap price. The price is so cheap because the workers in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and elsewhere are being exploited. They are America's indirect slaves, working in horrible conditions and making only enough money to meet their most basic needs — that’s also how black slaves used to live in America.

Asian slavery is sophisticated, indirect slavery.

China and Japan also each own more than $1 trillion in US debt through US Treasury Bonds, which is how they keep America calm, so that it won't sabotage them economically through new "trade agreements" or engage in military provocations. They lend America money that they know they'll never get back, just like the store owner pays "protection money" to the local mob boss.

The Japanese started buying U.S. debt in bulk during the 1980's Trade Wars, when the U.S. complained that America was buying more products from Japan, while the Japanese weren't buying enough American products. The current trade conflict with China is about the same issue.

The reason that the Asians can't buy as many foreign products as the Americans is because they are too busy working hard in factories, making little money, and selling quality products to America for cheap prices. American workers get paid more and work less hours, which is why their products as so expensive. The trade deficit is because American imperialism has become so successful, and not because the Asians are cheating — if anyone is cheating, it's the Americans and Europeans.

But How Can America Be Evil If It Fought Against the Nazis?

The war against Nazi Germany was also an imperialist war that had nothing to do with the Holocaust. It was a war about how to divide the imperial money pie among Western countries.

Germany became angry that were not enjoying enough from the imperial extortion racket and tried to play catch up. In response, other European countries fought Germany so that they wouldn't lose their share of the imperial pie.

The Holocaust was nothing more than a way for America to justify the war; it was what caused America to go to war against Germany. The lack of American opposition to the Holocaust is why Western countries refused to bomb the gas chambers, even while bombing other German installations near the death camps. They didn't care about the fact that one bomb on the gas chambers could delay or even prevent the execution of tens of thousands of Jews because they didn't care about the Holocaust. That's also why many of those same countries refused to accept Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust.

That is why World War II was a fight between imperialist about how to divide the Imperial Money Pie, and nothing more.  The Unites States and England behaved in such a manner because the founding fathers of both countries share the same lineage as the Germans – both groups are the offspring of the Ancient Germanic Tribes who conquered the areas currently known as Germany, as England, and as North America.  

In short, World War II was a fight between the Germans in Germany, and the Germans in England and America.

This is in addition to the fact that Germany was not the only Germanic country to carry out genocide; it was just the only one to do it so in such a systematic and ruthless manner. Colonialism was also genocide and resulted in the deaths of at least 60 million people in the Americas.

Ancient German Tribes Behave Like Nazi Germany

In truth, the continent of America belongs to those with the darker skin; it does not belong to the Ancient Germanic tribes who conquered the Roman Empire, Spain, and England, and every country in between them, and then set out to commit colonial genocide throughout the world. North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa belong to the original locals and not the offspring of these murderous Germanic Tribes.

One thing that Native South Americans should remember is that the term Hispanic was adopted from the Hapsburg dynasty in Spain, which launched the colonial genocide in South America. Why call yourself after those who killed around 60 million of you?

Western Europeans are Serial Genociders

The Jews, "Hispanics", and African Americans are not the only victims of colonial and imperial genocide. The Native Australians, Native South Africans, the Irish, the Scottish, and many others throughout the world also suffered. Many died from European diseases that the Europeans would spread to them through infected blankets, which was an old form of biological warfare.

This is in addition to those who were murdered during Western military operations or who died as a result of the indirect consequences of Western robbery, such as starvation and oppression by local puppet governments. Old examples include the Highland Clearances in Scotland (1746 onward), the Irish Famine, in which at least a million people died (1847), and a famine in Bengal, India which killed around four million people (1943). In both cases of starvation, the British continued to steal ("tax") food from the Irish and Indians even while they were starving. 

Modern examples of Western genocide include the death of around five million Koreans during the Korean-American war, 2.5 million Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, and 300,000 Iraqis since the U.S. invasion in 2003.

We must call colonialism and imperialism what they really are — genocide for economic gain.

We must call Western countries what they really are — Serial Genociders; Ancient Germanic tribes that conquered all of Europe and America and killed many others throughout the world. Germany is just a small part of those tribes.