Vessel’s hull remains structurally intact - SLPA on X-Press Pearl Fire

Firefighting operations to extinguish the blaze aboard the MV X-Press Pearl have further reduced the area affected by flames to small spot fires in the aft of the ship, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority has reported. 

According to the news item ran by its official website at, the SLPA has noted that "firefighting tugs continued in spraying and misting the vessel with support from the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Sri Lanka Navy, and Indian Coast Guard, who remain on scene. Salvors are also exploring the possibility of boarding the ship and making a tow connection so it can be moved."

"Firefighters and salvors have confirmed that the vessel’s hull remains structurally intact, and no oil or chemical spill observed till now."

"Meanwhile, shoreline clean-up efforts to dispose of any debris that has come ashore safely continued for the fourth day, " the report added.

Image Courtesy: Sri Lanka Ports Authority 

Image Courtesy: Sri Lanka Ports Authority