Sri Lanka: Melancholic Madduma Bandara Talks Easter Attacks

Former Minister of Law and Order Ranjith Madduma Bandara, a man with blood of victims on his palms must be held responsible for Easter Attacks.  Here is why. 


Who are the culprits! No matter what the due process is going to find, but it is the very question of your heart and conscience! Isn’t it Mister Minister? Ranjith Madduma Bandara, who was the Minister of Public Administration & Management and Law & Order in the previous government, has issued a press statement to cover up his wrongdoings. It is about the Easter terrorist attacks that took place in 2019. Some say the attacks were a conspiracy by the country's intelligence services. This is a blatant lie. In fact, no critic who is pointing at the intelligence service has so far been able to present any credible evidence.   

Minister of Law and Order Played the role of the Minister of Melancholic during the previous regime headed by Wickremesinghe and Sirisena  

Former Minister Madduma Bandara's attention has been drawn to the reckless statement made by Fr. Cyril Gamini, a Catholic priest, in which he visualized his hatred without any substantive data to prove his allegations. It also cites a legal comment made by Fr. Cyril Gamini through a third party stating that he could not come to the CID a few days ago. 

As far as we know, Fr. Cyril Gamini’s statement has posed a serious threat not only to the mere reputation of a person but also to the life of that person and his family members. It also poses a serious threat to the national security of the country. All he has to do is prove his legitimacy by presenting credible evidence that he reaffirmed he owns without jiggery-pokery. If he does not have such credible evidence to present, he should immediately apologize to the nation for his disgusting unholiness. 

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Is it acceptable for any rhetorician to tell any lie that comes to mind while presenting false information about the serious bloodshed that took place in the country just because he was free to express his views and emotions? What Holly Bible has indoctrinated about lies and liars, “A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will perish.” (Proverbs 19:9) And in Romans 3:13, the Bible doctrines that “... their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive. The venom of asps is under their lips.” 

If Fr. Cyril Gamini cannot take responsibility for his words and place his credible evidence on the table, all he has to do is keep his mouth shut in the name of Almighty and His Son, the Lord Jesus. Then the Lord will show him the path to confess before forgiveness.  A priest should not use his priesthood to engage in vile political activities that create internal rifts within the Catholic Church but to preach theology and to perform the duties of a priest.   

The damage that can be done to the country by politicizing serious incidents such as Easter Attacks through false hypotheses without any regard for the real fact is irremediable. The country has had several bloodiest experiences since the Millennium City incident in Athurugiriya. Fr. Cyril Gamini or Madduma Bandara may have lost a sense of the state and the importance of men who are working tirelessly to ensure national security. But they have no, whatsoever, a special mandate to manipulate the security of unarmed ordinary people of this country by making various false statements.  

There is clear evidence to find the culprits behind the Easter attacks. According to the evidence, Ranjith Madduma Bandara was also one of the key persons who should be held responsible. It is not surprising that this politician, who has grossly neglected his responsibilities when he was in power, is now struggling to cover up his misdeeds. 

A part of the letter was submitted to then the Minister of Law and Order, Ranjith Madduma Bandara on May 19, 2018, by then the Director of State Intelligence Service  

We decided to expose one of them. A four-page letter was sent to Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara in May 2018 by the then Director of State Intelligence Service. In the relevant letter, Mr Nilantha Jayawardena has meticulously detailed the adverse activities of Zahran Hashim (Mohammed Cassim Mohammed Zahran) to the Minister. The most important point in the letter is that the former head of the State Intelligence Service evidently concluded his classified letter by stating, "... action must be taken to arrest and reintegrate Zahran through a special unit of the police." ( SIS letter dated, 2018 May 19

However, this politician by proving his sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity has not initiated any action. The letter went in vain.  The Minister proved by action he is not the Minister of Law and Order but the Minister of Melancholic, the apt ministerial position for him that the previous regime could have introduced. Should not such ministers, who are trying to become saints by imposing their negligence on others, be held accountable? He should explain to the people what action he has taken on the relevant letter. In whose interest did Madduma Bandara decide to throw away that crucial letter that was sent a year before the terrorist attacks initiated and carried out by Zahran and other fanatics? The sad reality is that no commission of inquiry or other body has taken action against this former minister for neglecting this serious responsibility.  

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Although the intelligence services did their job properly, the intellectual blindness of such immature politicians undermined the national security of the country. That is what happened during his tenure as Minister. Consequently, the country suffered. But now, these fraudsters come back to the forefront of the media and shamelessly suppress the truth and point fingers at other parties. Before pointing the finger at the other, Madduma Bandara should first check whether he has done his duty properly. Is it not the duty of the authorities to hold this person accountable soon as there is written evidence that he has deliberately neglected his responsibilities as a public representative?