Pakistan: The Generals and Judges Who Betrayed the Nation

Pakistan is swiftly becoming a dead-ended entity in the moral, political, and intellectual landscape. The Generals and a few aligned judges appear as monstrous shadows of wickedness, undoing the national freedom, security, and future of an Islamic and democratic Pakistan. 

by Mahboob A. Khawaja

Pakistan presents a portrait of authoritarian anarchy, political mismanagement, injustice, and degradation in global affairs—a nation haunted by the challenges of a disdained future. A political paradox characterizes a delusional culture of authoritarian absolutism, marked by profligacy, malevolence, and tormenting miseries affecting diverse multitudes. This trajectory raises questions about the role play, deception, and betrayal orchestrated by a few Generals and Supreme Court judges—either bribed or coerced—manipulating the destiny of the nation. Their sinister, unacknowledged motives have incapacitated the nation's mainstream thinking hubs, employing power beyond their position, capacity, and authority to imprison Imran Khan, PTI leader, under false pretexts of politically motivated cases, with the aim of reinstating the criminally indicted Sharif brothers. Do the same values drive the perpetrators of this crisis? The national election scheduled for February 8 is viewed as a fraudulent stunt to claim success at the cost of the degeneration of a new age and the destabilization of the country.

A man in South of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa [Photo: Social Media]

According to Bruce Riedel from the Brookings Institute, USA ("Battle for the Soul of Pakistan"), a former advisor to President Obama on Pakistan and Afghanistan, in 2009, and now reiterated by President Joe Biden, Pakistan is deemed the "most dangerous nation in the world." The Generals under Assim Munir and Chief Justice Qazi, lacking vision and standards of equal justice, honesty, and righteousness, seem directly complicit in planning fake elections. They may be held accountable for their wickedness and interventionist strategy, destabilizing the stability and future of Pakistan.

Pakistan is swiftly becoming a dead-ended entity in the moral, political, and intellectual landscape. The Generals and a few aligned judges appear as monstrous shadows of wickedness, undoing the national freedom, security, and future of an Islamic and democratic Pakistan. Their lack of intellectual and moral capacity to understand the implications of time and history, as they were never part of the Pakistan National Freedom Movement led by Allama Mohammad Iqbal and Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-E-Azam), is evident. Their egoism and naive self-interest are compelling factors leading to their intervention in politics, destroying political freedom, security, and nation-building goals.

Nation-building necessitates individuals with new ideas, innovative ideals, and excellence from the new, educated, and proactive generations. Progressive nations enlist young, educated individuals and people of excellence to shape the future. Unfortunately, the new, educated, and intelligent generations were sidelined while the Generals conspired military coups, producing gangsters and so-called politicians such as Bhuttos, Sharifs, Zardari, and thousands of others, governing the country against reasoned political governance. The five military coups obliterated the moral, intellectual, and political foundation of Pakistan, leading to the catastrophic disintegration of the country in 1971.

The tyranny unleashed by the Generals is both powerless and absurd. Are the Generals waiting for another mishap of formative history? As discussed in "British Colonialism and How India and Pakistan Lost Freedom" (Global Research and Uncommon Thought Journal: 01/01/22), the leaders like Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharifs, and General Musharaf stole billions, owning properties in the UK, France, and Spain. Their actions are unlikely to be forgotten by present and future generations.

Imran Khan represents new ideas and ideals, viewed by the Pakistani masses with optimism, integrity, and hope for political change free of corruption, paving the way for sustainable development and a better future. The neo-colonial agents feared him, imprisoning Khan under bogus accusations of corruption.

Tyranny is always powerless and transitory. Military dictates and absurd judgments lead to distorted propositions of conflicts and instability. When political conspirators cannot solve one set of problems, they come up with naive ideas to create more critical problems, distracting the masses. The solution to the morally and intellectually sickening political culture of Pakistani politics requires a navigational change, new public institutions free of neo-colonial implanted culture, a new Constitution, and new educated and honest leadership. History will judge the imposters by their actions, not by their claims to serve the nation. In summary, we, the conscientious people of Pakistan, urgently call for a navigational change, equal participation of all political parties in fair, representative, and just national elections, and the reconstruction of a new political system of governance. Otherwise, the February 8 national elections are a dress rehearsal for continued military rule and a travesty of justice imposed upon the masses of Pakistan by a few against all:
  1. Pakistan, its people, and its future are not the sole property of a few Generals or the current Chief Justice.
  2. The Generals' ambitions and actions are the outcome of the briefing and dictate by US political interests.
  3. If bogus elections are held to bring the indicted criminals and money launderers, the Nawaz Sharif family, back to power, there will be massive socioeconomic and political chaos, disruptions, street battles, and bloodbath between the armed forces and the common people.
  4. The Generals and the judges do not plan economy, agriculture, education, moral and intellectual hubs, or build nations. People of knowledge, thinkers, visionaries, specialists, and young people of moral and intellectual integrity contribute to such a vital national agenda.
  5. Pakistan's socio-economic, political, and strategic needs are not the task and mandates of the judges and the Generals; they are a misfit for such role-plays.
  6. The few Generals and Judges are misusing time and opportunities for individualistic agendas, creating appalling socio-economic and political misfortunes for the nation. We, the people of reason, remind them that they are not above the law and justice and could face public trial and even firing squads for their treachery and dishonesty to the future of the nation.
  7. There must be a free and fair national election, inclusive of the PTI and its leadership. Pakistanis believe that if a free election is held, Imran Khan will be the next legitimately elected leader of the country.